Russian Orphanage Beating: Disturbing Video From Karsunskogo Technology College Shows Girl Beaten In Bathroom By Group Of Other Girls

Video of a Russian orphanage beating has gone viral on the internet, with the disturbing footage showing a young girl being beaten and tormented by a group of older girls who may have blamed the victim for spreading lice.

The video hit the internet this week, showing a group of girls in a common bathroom beating on a young victim. The video, which was blurred to protect the identities of both the victim and attackers, stretched for more than two minutes.

In the Russian school beating video, the attackers threw a blanket over the victim and then proceeded to stomp her for several seconds. They also punched and slapped the cowering victim, who is either 16 or 17-years-old.

A Russian orphanage beating video has gone viral.
[Image via Video Gurr]

Later, the attackers forced the victim to her feet and forced her head into the toilet before throwing her back down to the bathroom floor and continuing the beating. Eventually, the victim was able to make it to her feet and escaped through the door back down a hallway.

A beating in a Russian orphanage has prompted an investigation.
[Image via Video Gurr]

A report from the site VideoGurr posted more details of the beating, claiming that it took place on January 11 in the hostel Karsunskogo Technology College, which has been identified as an orphanage. The victim was born in 1999, while the attackers were born in 1997 and 1998. Two girls have reportedly been arrested.

The video of the Russian orphanage beating has prompted an investigation, with a special commission being formed including representatives of the Public Chamber of Russia, the Pedagogical Chamber, and the Chamber of justice area, the site Rushin Crash reported.

"Experts also analyze the state of education in educational organizations of the region to fully understand and clarify the situation," an official said.

Officials at Karsunskogo Technology College have already been disciplined, the report added.

"The ministry also said that the duty of the hostel who worked on the night of January 12 was fired. 'The woman has been advised in advance of its counterpart on the complex relationship between the girls and the conflict is gaining momentum' – told in the ministry.

"January 17 reported that police opened a criminal case under article 'Beating'. In the regional investigation department of the Investigative Committee of Russia (RF IC) which also checks for example to add an article on negligence."

Rushin Crash cited a report from the site LifeNews that the victim was targeted because the girls believed she had a skin disease. One of the older students reportedly accused the girl of spreading it to her peers and then began attacking. Two other older girls joined in the attack, which was filmed by a male student.

But the channel reported that police believe the story may have been invented in order to target the victim.

This is the second disturbing video from Russia in the past two weeks. Last week, hospital surveillance video emerged showing a doctor beating a patient to death after the patient was accused of sexually harassing nurses. The attack took place in a hospital in Belgorod, which is about 350 miles southwest of Moscow.

In the video, the burly doctor confronted the man and then laid him out with a powerful punch. The man struck his head on the floor and fell unconscious. After beating another man who was with the original victim, the doctor, identified as Ilya Zelendinov, saw that the first victim was not breathing. He attempted CPR on the man, but the victim ended up dying. Zelendinov is facing murder charges.

After the Russian orphanage beating video went viral, many outraged viewers tried to punish those involved. One set up a petition on the website demanding that the students responsible for the beating be punished. Close to 7,000 people had already signed the petition.

Video of the Russian orphanage beating can be seen here, but be warned that it is disturbing.

[Image via Video Gurr]