Kendra Sunderland Is Back: See What The Former OSU ‘Library Girl’ Is Up To

What a difference a year makes. Kendra Sunderland used to be known as the former Oregon State University college student who was arrested for making an adult video inside her school’s library. That controversial video catapulted Kendra’s success and gave her the nickname “library girl.”

Now Kendra Sunderland is back on social media. She has been weighing in on the debate about whether or not people should pay for adult entertainment online. Sunderland, 19, revealed that she doesn’t care about giving her adult videos away for free since she has made plenty of money since that library incident.

“I was so broke at one point I couldn’t buy myself McDonald’s. It’s the least I can do for now.”

Kendra then followed up her tweet by sharing a flirty new video with her fans on Instagram. The video features the former webcam girl shaking her breasts in a red lacy bra for her thousands of followers. Kendra made headlines last year when she was charged with public indecency for shooting a solo adult video inside her university’s library.

Sunderland’s claim to fame was the hour-long video she made of herself in which she stripped and pleasured herself on camera for a live streaming audience. Not to mention, she also did it for the money. Sunderland was previously a cam model for the live webcam site MyFreeCams.

The video was posted online and immediately went viral overnight. It was uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo, and even adult video sites. To this day, it’s not clear who posted the video of Kendra Sunderland inside the OSU library since that person never came forward. Some reports claimed it was another OSU student, while others think it was one of Sunderland’s fellow cam girls who was jealous.

But according to Sunderland, it was recorded by someone who was watching the act as it happened. The unidentified person then uploaded it to various adult video sites such as PornHub, where Sunderland is a now a “verified porn star” thanks to that video alone.

Kendra supposedly took to her infamous Twitter after the incident, joking, “ThankGod I don’t have classes anymore, it’d be so awkward. [sic]”

But the lewd show has cost her a public indecency charged, for which she faced a year in jail and a $6,250 fine. Sunderland pleaded guilty and was just fined $1,000, missing jail time. However, she garnered a lot of publicity from the controversy and landed contract deals with Penthouse and Playboy before the latter turned into a non-nude magazine. Sunderland also launched her own sugar baby business, her own line of sex toys, her first live adult website, and even landed a contract with Penthouse company FriendFinderNetworks that’s supposedly worth six figures.

Although she has become sort of a celebrity of in her hometown of Salem, Oregon, the blonde beauty admits that the attention she receives is weird and oftentimes awkward.

“People would recognize me and stare. And I was kinda like, ‘Yeah, I’m that girl. It’s OK, you can talk to me like a normal person.’ But they all just really stare.”

But now she’s making light of her success and banking off if it at the same time. Kendra Sunderland is reportedly headlining the Hardcore Comedy Show in Las Vegas on Thursday, January 21 alongside Ron Jeremy, Jason Rouse, and Misty Stone. The Hardcore Comedy Show: Vegas Edition features well-known comedians like Sunderland in the adult film industry.

My girls @mistystonexxx & @KSLibraryGirl will be giving away @Fleshlight‘s & @dallasnovelty toys! #PornStarComedy

— Hardcore Comedy Show (@HCComedyShow) January 18, 2016

She also took to Twitter to announce to her fans on Monday, January 18 that she will be featured in next month’s Cosmopolitan.

Over the weekend, Kendra Sunderland won the award for Web Star of the Year at the 2016 XBiz Awards. It’s been a big year for Sunderland, and it’s only getting bigger for her.

In her first major interview, Kendra explained to the New York Daily News why she got into the adult entertainment business.

“When I first started working for MyFreeCams, I was hoping that it would open to modeling and doing magazines and shoots like that. I knew that eventually everyone would see everything about me and see me naked. I just didn’t think that would happen so fast and have my actual name on it.

“I’m not like most other girls that are insecure with their bodies or don’t want to show off. I’ve always been the type of girl who’s not afraid to show off, so I didn’t feel weird about it.”

Sunderland also didn’t like waiting tables, working an office job, or working any dead-end job for that matter.

Sunderland said, “I didn’t want to work in an office all the time.”

“Working a minimum wage job, there’s people that are just mean to you when they’re having a crappy day. On MyFreeCams, [users] had nothing but nice things to say. And I made way more than I would working any other job.”

And the $700 per night she would make during a live cam show is just chump change. Now Kendra Sunderland is raking in the money made from modeling and solo adult videos thanks to her overnight success.

[Photo Courtesy of Kendra Sunderland/Facebook]