Madonna Late For Concert, 'Drunk' & 'Trashed Talked Kentuckians' Amid Custody Battle For Rocco, 15, With Guy Ritchie

Madonna was late for a concert, and also accused of being drunk and making a mockery of the accent used by those attending the event. And although Madonna has been coping with stress due to a custody war she's waging with ex Guy Ritchie for their son Rocco, the late appearance of the singer for that concert is what caused attention, reported the Daily Mail.

The accusations that Madonna, 57, was late for the concert and drunk stemmed from a Kentucky performance as part of her "Rebel Heart Tour." And those from the area weren't delighted when she made fun of their accent either.

"Madonna was very drunk," claimed one person who attended the concert.

And one fan praised her performance but complained about the way that Madonna mocked Kentucky accents.

Madonna was three hours late for a concert.
Madonna was three hours late for a concert. [Photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images]

"Madonna was an awesome performer but man she was a b**ch!... trashed talked Kentuckians and spoke in a fake hillbilly accent," accused that concert goer.

As for what Madonna herself had to say about reports that she was three hours late for the Louisville concert, drunk, and making fun of the local lingo?

"Working on my stand up laying down good practice!!! Thanks Louisville! the tears of a clown soon to follow the #rebelheartour," was the tweet from the singer.

Because of the lengthy delay before Madonna began singing, those in attendance were already unhappy. But it went from bad for worse when, after showing up late for the conference, she seemed to be making fun of how they spoke. Some yelled at Madonna during her concert, but at least one thought it was entertaining.

When Madonna is performing, she doesn't hold back. Here she kisses Drake onstage.
When Madonna is performing, she doesn't hold back. Here she kisses Drake onstage. [Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for Coachella]

"A lil drunk but funny," summed up that loyal fan.

However, Madonna confessed that she's struggling over the difficulties of having her son Rocco, 15, after accompanying her on the "Rebel Heart Tour" for three months, leave in December for his dad Ritchie, who resides in London. Adding to the confusion of her relationships, Madonna was spotted with Sean Penn, her ex-husband, recently.

Madonna & Guy Ritchie Wage International Custody Battle Over 15-Year-Old Son

Madonna and Ritchie disagree on parenting, and that's part of the problem when it comes to the custody struggle in which they're engaged for Rocco, 15, a source told People.

"He wants Rocco to have the confidence he lacked growing up and thinks Madonna's stern parental style is counterproductive," said the source. "The welfare of Rocco is Guy's priority."

How does Madonna score as a mom?
How does Madonna score as a mom? [Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for Coachella]

Rocco spent several months with Madonna as she toured but then went to stay with Ritchie in the United Kingdom. Guy had his own challenges when he was growing up, including severe dyslexia.

The court battle began when Rocco declined to head back to the United States to spend the holidays. Madonna then headed to court in New York several days before Christmas. During that court appearance, a judge stipulated that the teenager return to New York in order for Ritchie and Madonna to determine where he should live and with whom. The singer and Guy's divorce was finalized in 2008.

Thus far, Rocco has not followed through with the judge's order that he head back to New York and mommy Madonna. People cited a source alleging that the 15-year-old has not attended school.

Part of the problem, according to People's insiders, is that Rocco dislikes the private school in Manhattan because he feels that it is elitist. Moreover, the teenager longs for his pals located in London. As for rumors that the real reason Rocco won't go back to New York is due to a gal pal?

"There's nobody serious he's dating at the moment," revealed one of the insiders.

But the custody battle goes beyond Rocco and also has to do with the bad relationship between the 57-year-old singer and 47-year-old Guy, according to another insider.

"They don't have a good relationship; it's more of a power fight between them and if he can one-up her. This is the best way he can do it," claimed that source.

However, another insider told People that Ritchie feels Madonna hasn't done him justice.

"Guy is convinced Madonna has long misrepresented him," alleged that source. "Perhaps the best example of this is her subsequent sentiment that he liked to film her unflatteringly during their marriage in Swept Away and various videos."

The battling parents will head into court on February 3 for a second hearing.

[Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for MTV]