Shock Report Claims One Direction Star Louis Tomlinson Visited Grocery Store

Just when you think that press reports about Louis Tomlinson cannot get any more ridiculous, along comes something to surprise you. Over the Christmas holiday period, we were inundated with stories depicting Tomlinson as a hard-living party animal and a serial womanizer. Paparazzi photographs showed Louis coming out of a variety of London nightclubs with rumored new squeeze Danielle Campbell. We even had stories in a variety of papers, including the Mirror, claiming that Louis was "kicked out" of a comedy club.

As we approached the new year, Tomlinson fans waited eagerly for the emergence of the customary "kiss" photograph. Many of Louis' fans expected that the photograph would emerge on New Year's Eve after Tomlinson and Campbell were caught unawares by a paparazzi photographer. How wrong everyone was. Tomlinson's fans had to wait a couple of days, and rather than a paparazzi photograph, we saw a snap of Louis and Danielle kissing taken by a fan. Doubtless, the fact that the snap originated from a Louis and Danielle "shipping" account that was less than two weeks old and who just happened to be in the right place at the right time to grab the photo was a huge and fortunate coincidence.

Last week, we saw a new turn in the portrayal of Tomlinson in the media. While the Inquisitr reported that Tomlinson was making a huge difference to the families of children with terminal illnesses, some sections of the media preferred to accuse Louis of leaving Briana Jungwirth to assemble IKEA furniture on her own. The image of Tomlinson as some sort of "deadbeat dad" has been an undercurrent in the media for some time now.

As any fan of One Direction or Tomlinson is all too aware, Louis is reportedly set to become a father later this month. After months of silence from Tomlinson and an avalanche of rumor and speculation elsewhere, it now appears that we are being set up for the end game.

On Saturday, Briana's mother changed her Instagram setting to public for just long enough to ensure that the photograph below was grabbed and shared. Many of Louis' fans are understandably questioning why the photograph shows the model's feet but not her face. Sugarscape and others accepted the photograph as evidence that Baby Tomlinson's arrival is imminent.

Yesterday saw another turn in the way some sections of the media portray Tomlinson. From drunk, womanizer, and deadbeat dad, we see the emergence of Tomlinson, the loved up "ordinary guy." The Daily Mail reports that "loved up" Louis visited a grocery store with Danielle. Apparently, 24-year-old Louis "looked loved-up with the brunette beauty as they unloaded the shopping from their trolley, cutting a relaxed figure in a grey Adidas jumper and jeans."

It isn't clear what the Daily Mail means by "loved up." If a couple of people walking across a car park without looking at each other while one of them talks on a cell phone and the other looks downright miserable fits their definition, then they nailed it.

The Latin Post goes even further by claiming that Tomlinson and Campbell "flaunted their romance" by going grocery shopping. No one seems to be sure as to the truth about Tomlinson's relationship with either Campbell or Jungwirth. With the changes in reporting style we have seen over the past week, it is a fair bet that we will see the end of the baby Tomlinson saga in the very near future.

If past "winter girlfriend" stories are any guide, we should see the end of the Tomlinson and Campbell romance in the next few weeks. We may or may not see the "Louis madly in love" headlines first, but you would get very short odds on a story emerging that says Tomlinson split with Campbell because he is besotted with baby Tomlinson.

[Photo by Brendon Thorne/Getty Images]