Sarah Jessica Parker: 'I Am Not Carrie Bradshaw!'

Sarah Jessica Parker is perhaps most well-known for her role as Carrie Bradshaw in the TV show and follow-up movies Sex and the City.

But as she recently told The Wall Street Journal, she is not Carrie Bradshaw.

"People probably don't realize that Carrie Bradshaw was radically different from who I was, who I continue to be. I think that sometimes because we look alike and live in the same city and haunt the same neighborhoods, that it was sort of like I was playing in the sandbox, when in truth it took real work every day to be her, to understand her, to not judge her."
Sarah Jessica Parker also spoke to how she enjoys becoming someone else.
"I love the process of becoming somebody else, but the work to become so, and to be convincing, is still very challenging. Every project is brand new and scary."
This isn't the first time Sarah Jessica Parker has said she is not like her Sex and the City character Carrie. In 2010 she told Marie Claire the same.
"I've never revealed as much or been so daring or made quite as many triumphant mistakes as Carrie. But I'm now bolder than I would have been had I never played this part."
Sex and the City went on for six seasons, and two movies also came from the series. TV Series Finale reported last month that Billy Eichner from Billy on the Street caught up with Sarah Jessica Parker to talk about the second Sex and the City movie.Apparently, Billy was angered by the criticism the movie took.
"Here's what I think. I think that that show had dealt so well, in such a smart, sharp way in dissecting guys, that I think bros, all the bros out there, really liked the chance to jump on it finally to a certain degree."
Check out the interview.

Sarah Jessica Parker reveals that the new character she is playing for a series on HBO, called Divorce, is also different than she is.

"I'm working on a new series for HBO now. The character I'm playing is incredibly different from me in many ways — she handles complexity differently than I do, her marriage is different from my own, and she's struggling financially in a way that I don't at this point in my life. But that's what I love. I still love the idea of being somebody else."
Aside from her new television series, Sarah Jessica Parker is also starring in a new movie called All Roads Lead To Rome.

Indie Wire reports that the movie is about rediscovering old love, which happens to Parker's character Maggie when she takes her daughter on a vacation to Rome.

Maggie unexpectedly reunites with an old Italian flame, Luca, when she ends up renting a cottage from him. Maggie and Luca have to chase after her daughter, who steals his car to get to the airport. Along the way she admits she should never have left.

"I wish I had stayed instead of running away."
In her real love life, running away isn't a necessity. Sarah Jessica Parker has been married to Matthew Broderick for 18 years and they are doing just fine.The New York Times reports that last year, the couple sold their red brick townhouse in Greenwich Village for a cool $18.25 million. Apparently they paid $19 million for it, so they took a bit of a hit, but chances are they can take it.

Good luck with the upcoming television series, Sarah Jessica Parker!

[Photo by D Dipasupil/Getty Images]