Justin Bieber Claims Rogue Paparazzi Tried To Kill Him, Files Complaint

Justin Bieber was pulled over on a stretch of Los Angeles highway on Friday and cited with speeding and now the pop superstar is claiming that he had to drive at high speeds to escape from a crazed paparazzi who tried to kill him.

While Bieber was eventually pulled over for speeding at 80 mph at least 9 calls were made to 911 in which drivers claimed the pop singer was driving recklessly at speeds of at least 100 mph.

According to reports a CHP officer stopped by the set of Justin Bieber’s new music shoot on Friday to take a statement from the singer after Bieber filed a complaint against the paparazzi who allegedly chased him.

Bieber complained that the photog in question was being far more hostile than other members of the paparazzi which led Bieber to speed recklessly and put other people’s lives in danger.

During the time of the high-speed chase it was reported that some photographers drove on the highways shoulder to avoid traffic and keep up with their favorite celebrity.

Justin Bieber is believed to have given the paparazzi members license plate number to police.

In a funny turn of events the very same photographer who Justin Bieber blames for the incident was at the singer’s photo shoot on Friday, snapping photos as the complaint was being filed.

Police also took the paparazzi members statement and both Bieber and the accused photographer are being investigated.

Regardless of why Justin Bieber was speeding, 100 mph on a crowded highway is still unacceptable.

On a somewhat related note Justin Bieber was recently caught on camera as he attempted to beat up a paparazzi member, does anyone else feel like the constant spotlight might finally be getting to the young superstar?