Michael Fassbender 'Baffled' By Oscars Snub

Michael Fassbender was in the makeup chair for Assassin's Creed when he heard the news that he had been nominated for an Academy Award for his role in Steve Jobs.

Entertainment Weekly stated that Fassbender has said he feels privileged.
"I just feel very lucky, very privileged. It's been such a great year for cinema, even films that haven't been nominated."
As for whether things feel different this time than they did when he was nominated for his role in 12 Years a Slave, he said not really.
"I don't think it ever changes. The first time, again, I was very humbled by the consideration. It's the same this time, especially considering the company that I'm in and the performances that haven't been considered. It's always very exciting... Well, not always, just the twice."
But what Michael Fassbender finds truly "baffling" is the snub of screenwriter Aaron Sorkin, who is the genius behind the movie.
"It's baffling, but that's why I was saying that I feel privileged. You can never take these things for granted. I'm just baffled by that."
Of course, now that Michael Fassbender is such an in-demand actor, what are his plans for the near future? He is currently filming Assassin's Creed, although apparently they have finished production.Watch the trailer here.

Once Michael Fassbender is done with that, then he is off to Norway to film The Snowman and then after that it's Alien: Covenant. Only after that will Michael Fassbender get a well-earned break.

"I was [hoping] to take a break, when Steve Jobs landed on my lap. I just couldn't not do that. It was such a rare opportunity, so it just sort of went that way. But I feel good. I feel like I've got plenty of energy, but I will be enjoying that summer holiday."
So if Sorkin got snubbed for an Oscar nomination, one must wonder what it is like to work with one of his scripts. According to The Wall Street Journal, Michael Fassbender said it's a joy.
"It's an absolute joy. I just had to work with it as much as I could so I could really let it sing. He's written such other fantastic characters... I didn't want to fail any of those elements. When everyone works hard and you find those rhythms together, it's very exciting."
Check out the Steve Jobs trailer.

As for his scheduled time off, Michael Fassbender's girlfriend will likely be glad for it, especially if she can get any time off from her busy schedule. Despite rumors to the contrary, Hollywood Take has reported that Fassbender and Alicia Vikander are as close as ever, which was apparent when they showed up at the Golden Globes together, looking ravishing, as usual.

People stated that Michael Fassbender had revealed to Entertainment Tonight that he and Vikander would have liked to spend more time together after the Golden Globes, but they both had to get back to work the next day.
"She heads back to Vegas and I head back to London. But hopefully we'll get a minute together. That would be nice. We'll have a few drinks and then we're both out of here early [in the] morning."
Michael Fassbender will most certainly have a long and illustrious Hollywood career, and if he doesn't win his Oscar this year, then he will most certainly get his chance again in the future, probably more than once. Until then, he will just keep doing what he is doing – turning out amazing movies with thrilling characters. Good luck, Michael Fassbender!

[Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]