January 18, 2016
Dallas Cowboys Competing With Several NFL Teams For New Quarterback

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo is not getting any younger, so the franchise is competing with several NFL teams to find themselves a new quarterback, according to NFL.com.

As many already know, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was hoping to finally get back to the Super Bowl this season, but unfortunately injuries to Tony Romo derailed those plans.

NFL fans witnessed the Dallas Cowboys go through Brandon Weeden, Matt Cassel, and Kellen Moore fail miserably to guide a very talented offensive roster in Tony Romo's absence.

Jerry Jones and Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett know that they need to upgrade the position this summer so they do not have to go through the same thing ever again.

The big problem for Jerry Jones, Jason Garrett and the Dallas Cowboys executive vice president, Stephen Jones, is that they have quite a bit of competition in the NFL for new quarterbacks.

Quarterbacks have eternally been a new for the Cleveland Browns, and that appears to be the case yet again this year. Cleveland also chooses second overall in the upcoming NFL Draft.

San Diego Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers is still one of the better players in the NFL, but they are starting to look for a new backup to groom behind him. They choose third overall.

Tony Romo
Tony Romo [Photo by Tom Pennington/Getty Images]With the status of Colin Kaepernick still unknown and Blaine Gabbert a temporary solution, the San Francisco 49ers will surely be looking for a quarterback in the upcoming NFL Draft.

Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler had a tremendous season, but management knows that they need to find someone younger to groom because Cutler could easily regress again.

Since the team had a sub par season, New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees was viewed as someone replaceable. Management needs to have another option if that happens anytime soon.

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Sam Bradford did not turn out to be the player that former head coach Chip Kelly had hoped he would be, so a replacement needs to be found this year.

Los Angeles Rams head coach Jeff Fisher has yet to build an offense that can be competitive in the NFL, so a rookie quarterback is definitely a high priority for the relocated franchise.

New York Jets quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick is a bridge quarterback and Geno Smith looks like a bust, so the team could be looking to spend a high draft pick on a new signal caller.

Jay Cutler
Jay Cutler [Photo by David Banks/Getty Images]Things bode well for the Dallas Cowboys, though, because there are those within the New York Jets organization that are just not quite ready to give up on Geno Smith this soon.

Houston Texans quarterback Brian Hoyer is a solid quarterback, but not someone that can win games for the team, so head coach Bill O'Brien could ask management to draft him one.

Penn State Nittany Lions quarterback Christian Hackenberg might be an option for the Houston Texans because he was recruited and trained by Bill O'Brien before he went to the NFL.

Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger is one of the best in the NFL at what he does, but injuries have robbed him of a lot of games. A young player needs to be groomed.

Michael Vick is purely a backup quarterback at this stage in his career, and former Oklahoma Sooners star Landry Jones has yet to prove that he can be a full time starter in the NFL.

Jerry Jones and Jason Garrett are going to get one of the quarterbacks in the NFL Draft. It's now just a matter of whether or not they get their first choice because of the competition.

[Featured Photo by Michael Adamucci/Getty Images]