John Travolta, Blake Lively, Salma Hayek Talk Sex And Violence In ‘Savages’

John Travolta is back in the limelight this weekend, and for once, it isn’t about some scandalous rumor. The Pulp Fiction actor’s latest movie, Savages, which also stars Blake Lively, Salma Hayek, and Taylor Kitsch, opened this weekend. The movie has received mixed reviews so far, but it has definitely gotten people talking.

The movie, which was directed by Oliver Stone, features plenty of sex and violence. Savages is about a young woman (Blake Lively) who gets kidnapped by a drug cartel due to her relationship with two American drug dealers. Lively’s character is sexually involved with both drug dealers (played by Aaron Johnson and Taylor Kitsch).

Lively said that the menage a trois relationship was empowering.

The actress said:

“I think some women think one is enough but that’s what was nice about this movie… You would think it would be, it’s normally the guy with the two women.”

Travolta said that Lively’s menage a trois relationship with her two friends, Aaron Johnson and Taylor Kitsch, was kind of a throwback to the 60s era.

Travolta said:

“[In the] late ’60s, early ’70s, free love and menages a trois were kind of… the sexual revolution that was introduced at that time…. So this is a kind of throwback to it and I know it’s still happening today as well. It just was very, kind of newsworthy in those days.”

Salma Hayek, who plays a sexy drug kingpin in the new movie, said that the film was violent that she decided to keep her daughter away from the set.

Hayek said:

“I mean, it’s very sexy, this movie… It’s very, very violent so if you’re the kind of people who like sexy and violence, if you like it hot, this movie is for you. But done beautifully. It’s very elegant…. She’s not going to watch this movie… Actually, this was the only movie that she was not on the set. I usually bring her on the set and she always likes to sit right next to the monitor and she bosses everyone around.”

Have you seen Savages?