Steven Avery Controversy Continues: Making A Murderer Season 2 Might Be In The Works

The controversy surrounding Steven Avery and the popular Netflix true crime series, Making a Murderer is far from over. It only seems fitting considering Avery’s legal battle is ongoing.

Following Netflix’s Chief Content Officer, Ted Sarando’s comments that they are considering a second season, filmmakers also confirmed they are in contact with Steven Avery about future episodes.

According to People Magazine, co-creator of Making a Murderer, Laura Ricciardi mentioned ongoing discussions with Avery by saying,

“I think today marks four weeks since the series launched and what we’ve managed to do in the past four weeks is we’ve had several telephone conversations with Steven Avery and we did record those calls with the eye of including them in future episodes should there be more episodes.”

Rumors of a second season of the Netflix series come amidst much controversy concerning Steven Avery’s presumed innocence. Making a Murderer has shed light on the American justice system, which many believe to be flawed; at best, and in some cases, downright rigged.

Was Steven Avery framed?

In recent days, Steven Avery’s mother, Dolores Avery, took to social media to pronounce her son’s innocence. The mother announced that she believes her son is innocent for a very simple reason: she questions whether or not Theresa Halbach, the supposed victim, is really even dead. She believes that her son was framed, and she’s not alone.

Social media sites have been abuzz with debates about Steven Avery since Making a Murderer first aired in December. There have even been several Twitter accounts and Facebook pages set up in defense of his innocence.

But not everyone is so supportive of Avery. According to The Huffington Post, filmmakers recently fired back at the media for “demonizing” Steven Avery. Nancy Grace has admitted to being one of the people who believes Steven Avery is guilty of Theresa Halbach’s murder.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter about Steven Avery, Nancy Grace said, “According to the trial lawyers, sweat was under the hood of Teresa Halbach’s car and it was her sweat. And there’s more. The day that Teresa goes missing she had been working for Autotrader. She had previously been to the Avery auto salvage lot on four or five occasions. She stated she did not want to go back [because] Avery creeped her out when he answered the door in a towel. They talked her into going back. That was about two o’clock in the afternoon. She was never seen alive again.”

According to the filmmakers, the media has left out key details surrounding the case, which paint Avery in a less than favorable light. Co-creator Ricciardi claims that their main goal was never to convict or exonerate someone, but simply to shine light on a flawed justice system.

While Netflix and filmmakers ramp up for a potential second season of Making a Murderer, Avery remains behind bars and is not allowed to watch the show while in prison. For the time being, Governor Walker of Wisconsin has refused to get involved in the case or offer a pardon for Avery.

Will Making a Murderer be back for season 2?

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