Great Big Story Reveals The Secrets Of Nickelodeon’s ‘Legends Of The Hidden Temple’ [Video]

Kids and young adult television back in the 90s was considered some of the best compared to any other decade. It is during this time Warner Bros. had a plethora of shows to entertain including Animaniacs, Pinky & The Brain, Batman Beyond, Viewtiful Joe, and many others. Same goes with Disney with Boy Meets World, Bill Nye the Science Guy, Sister Sister, and Smart Guy. Let’s not forget the 90s is also the time when Disney had its Renaissance in animated movies which includes The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, and The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

When it came to kids and young adult game shows, Nickelodeon had that down to an art. Shows like Double-Dare, Nick Arcade, and Nickelodeon GUTS were extremely popular. However, there is one show that truly captured the hearts of a 90s child and it was Legends of the Hidden Temple. Now just over two decades since the show ended, Great Big Story is revealing secrets of the show.

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For those who do not know about Legends of the Hidden Temple, it is an American action-adventure game show for children that aired from 1993 to 1995. It pitted six teams against each other in challenges that are best described as a combination of popular game show Jeopardy and Indiana Jones’ movie Raiders of the Lost Ark. The first challenge was crossing the moat in which teams would use unique ways to cross a broad yet shallow pool of water. Some versions include kayaking, rope bridges, or a steady plank. The second round was called the “Steps of Knowledge” in which the temple’s mascot, a talking Olmec head voiced by Dee Bradley Baker, would ask questions in accordance to the history of the day’s challenge to the first four teams to complete the moat challenge. The two teams to complete the “Steps of Knowledge” would go on to the physical challenge. Finally, the winner of the challenge will take on the “Temple Run” in which they would need to find the “hidden treasure” somewhere in the temple and get it out within three minutes.

Today, many who watched Legends of the Hidden Temple are grown-up. Because of this fact, Great Big Story thought it would be cool to reveal some of the secrets behind the show. Kirk Fogg, the original host of the game show, narrates the behind-the-scenes short special. Some of the secrets includes the fact that hardly anyone won on the show. Out of 120 shows across three seasons, about 30 teams actually won. That means for every 40 episodes, only 10 had teams that successfully completed the “Temple Run.”

The question must be asked why is the failure rate so high? Apparently, the “Temple Run” was rigged to be hard from the beginning. Usually the path to the hidden treasure was often long and bothersome and within that path, the players would run into all three temple guards. That means the teams were set to lose. Given that producers of the show were only allowed to give out eight championships per year, it suddenly makes sense.

[Image via Screen Capture of Legends of the Hidden Temple]