Democratic Debate Memes: Bernie Sanders And Hillary Clinton Get Hilariously Spoofed By Internet Again

The Democratic debate is, of course, a highly important event for the future of the United States; but for memes of Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, it’s also the most wonderful time of year.

What cunning internet comedian can pass up the opportunity to take out of context facial expressions and unfortunate pauses to twist Hillary and Bernie into hysterical, totally inappropriate versions of themselves. With all the seriousness in politics, the meme-ification of the Democratic debate allows viewers to let out that side of themselves that tunes into the event for drama and laughs.

Need to laugh about the Democratic debate? Meme-makers across the globe are helping you out. [Image via Dave Rubin/Twitter]
While the slew of Clinton and Sanders memes will continue to rack up long into the morning, many have already made bets on which moments are going to turn to gold. Such as this classic moment of Bernie clearly thinking, “What are you talking about, Hillary?”

Not one to get behind, Clinton also had a few moments that are likely to be candidates for her idolization, via meme in the Democratic debate aftermath.

Aside from frontrunners Sanders and Clinton, the distant third participant in the Democratic debates, Martin O’Malley, also has his time to shine when social media starts rolling out memes. After all, it’s a brief window in the election where the question isn’t, “Will Hillary get prosecuted?” or “Does Bernie support gun control?” Instead, it’s simply a fight to the bottom: Who can make the most bizarre meme-worthy facial expression that’s the easiest to slap a one-liner under. This clip of Martin is likely to be one of the most re-imagined; in fact, it’s already getting commentary on Twitter.

While there’s still plenty of time for eager meme-markers to roll out their best politically irreverent work, some have jumped on early clips of Sanders, Clinton and O’Malley to start coming out ahead of the pack. Here are some of the best Democratic party debate memes that have made it online so far. Of course, the Democrats who took the stage weren’t the only ones that came under the meme chopping block. The #Demdebate hashtag also included some jabs at Republican candidates, including one launched at Ted Cruz.

Dem debate Clinton and Sanders memes

What were your favorite Democratic debate memes? Hillary Clinton? Bernie Sanders? Martin O’Malley?

[Image via Andrew Burton/Getty Images]