Hair Trends In 2016: Glow-In-The-Dark Hair, ‘Baby-Lights’ And ‘Snow-Lights’

From glitter hair to oil slicking to “brondes,” the trends in hair color changes can shift as often as time transitions from one minute to the next. As 2016 begins, new hair coloring trends that turn manes into glow-in-the-dark hair — or icy blonde hair called “snowlights” — are making a big buzz online.

On Instagram, the #snowlights hashtag contains 488 posts, with some of the photos showing the actual snowlighting hair trend that displays how the blonde highlights are dolloped around the hair to appear as if snowflakes are hitting the light.

According to Metro, “snowflake lights” is a type of hair dye process that can make a person look as though they are a bright Scandinavian blonde. Imagine the way lights sparkle and hit snowflakes at different angles, and that gives you an idea of how the snowlights or snowflake highlights got their name. Snowlights don’t involve highlighting a person’s entire head of hair. Instead, snowflake lights generally mean that less than 50 percent of the wearer’s hair will reflect snowlights from the top of their head, swirling down in a snowflake design shape.

According to the Gloss, fans of the snowflake highlighting style can be traced to its creator, a senior colorist named Chloe Ascott of the London salon named Hare & Bone.

Snowlights are the creation Chloe Ascott the Senior Colorist at the Hare and Bone salon in London. The key to the look isn’t just choosing the right icy dye colors, it is also about the application. The name “snowlights” actually refers to the application. The highlights are applied to the head in a snowflake-shaped pattern starting at the crown. This differs from traditional highlights that are generally applied in a “T” shape.

Beyond the blonde highlights in a snowflake style, glow-in-the-dark hair is also gaining buzz. On Instagram, the #glowinthedarkhair hashtag features 552 posts — many of which show multi-colored hair that glows in dark lighting.

As reported by Today Style, the fact that hair can be dyed to glow while in dark places makes one wonder what happens when people sporting the trend go to a dark public place, like the movies.

Similar to rainbow hair, in that it often incorporates multiple bright colors, glow-in-the-dark hair dye comes to life either with a black light or in a very dark room. So, of course, this has us wondering: what happens when you go to sleep at night or even if you go to the movies?

Glow-in-the-dark hair isn’t something that’s easily mimicked or sprayed onto hair. Some hair stylists create the glowing look by stripping the hair of its color to make it light — nearly as white as a platinum blonde. That means that very dark hair needs to be stripped of several layers of color in order to get it light enough for the glow-in-the dark trend to work. Folks who already enjoy blonde hair usually don’t need to be lightened prior to getting their glow-in-the dark hair look.

Beyond hair that looks like snowflakes within a mane of blonde hair or glows in the dark with a rainbow of striking colors, another hair trend that continues into 2016 is called babylights. According to Today, “babylights” is the hot new hair trend that mimics the look of baby hair, at least in terms of the way that a child’s hair can catch the natural highlights of the sun, without dyes.

On Instagram, the “baby highlights” trend proves to be the most popular of the hair trends with the #babyhighlights label enjoying 2,159 posts as of this writing. “Baby lights” has more than 100,000 posts. It’ll be interesting to see which trend wins in the end.

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