Ben Higgins ‘Bachelor’ Spoilers: Episode 4 Of 2016 Season Brings Talents, Tensions And Weddings

Things are really heating up on ABC’s The Bachelor 2016 season with Ben Higgins. He has gone on quite a few dates now and despite some drama, he is finding chemistry with some of these Season 20 bachelorettes. What Bachelor spoilers are available for Episode 4 set to air on Monday, January 25?

Higgins and the remaining 14 bachelorettes will be heading to Las Vegas for Episode 4. Reality Steve‘s spoilers detail that there will be two individual dates and one group date during this show, plus one additional interesting outing for Ben and two of the ladies. By the end of the episode, Bachelor spoilers indicate that another three bachelorettes will be left without roses.

Bachelor spoilers indicate that the first one-on-one date of Episode 4 goes to JoJo Fletcher. Ben and JoJo will hit the High Limit Lounge for some gambling, or pseudo gambling, then they take a helicopter ride to a state park and watch some fireworks.

Host Chris Harrison teased via a chat with Yahoo! TV that JoJo would be one to watch this season, and that the sparks will fly as she spends time with Ben. Harrison said she is a spitfire, but she will have a lot of walls up and Higgins will be anxious to break them down as he shows an interest in this bachelorette. As for this one-on-one date, Reality Steve‘s spoilers share that JoJo gets a rose.

The group date involves 12 ladies and they join Higgins at a stage show where they will be showcasing various talents. Bachelor spoilers share that the talents include dancing an Irish gig, jumping out of a cake, roasting the other bachelorettes, wearing a clown costume and wearing a chicken suit, along with a few other creative performances. Clearly, some talents were more impressive than others, but Ben will surely be looking for the ladies who can embrace the opportunity to have some fun.

While much of the event was filled with laughs from the sounds of things, Reality Steve‘s spoilers indicate that there was some tension due to Olivia Caridi. Steve’s Bachelor spoilers detail that during the after party, Olivia confronts Ben about how many bachelorettes he has kissed, and this leads to tension between Olivia and some of the other ladies.

Lauren Himle is said to charm the audience with her chicken suit act, but Bachelor spoilers tease that Ben gives the group date rose to Lauren Bushnell. Despite some tension and drama on this date, nobody was eliminated or headed home.

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The other Episode 4 individual date is said to go to Becca Tilley. Almost every season has some sort of wedding-themed date, and Becca scores the one taking place in Season 20. Reality Steve‘s spoilers indicate that Tilley was given a wedding dress to put on and the show had Higgins ordained. The two of them ride off together in a pink convertible and ended up helping a few other couples get married.

The day of the rose ceremony in Episode 4, there is said to be a bit of a rather unusual excursion. It turns out that Emily and Haley Ferguson live in Las Vegas and Reality Steve’s spoilers detail that Ben took them out and about in Vegas. They made their way to Emily and Haley’s mom’s house, and Haley was eliminated before heading back to the hotel.

At the rose ceremony, Bachelor spoilers detail that Amber James and Rachel Tchen are eliminated. Once things are wrapped up in Las Vegas, Higgins and his remaining 11 bachelorettes will head to Mexico for the next round of dates.

Additional spoilers will come out ahead of this episode, but it sounds like there are some juicy moments ahead. The ladies are getting competitive for Ben’s roses and Higgins is definitely finding some chemistry with some of the ladies.

Will Reality Steve‘s spoilers be right about Higgins’ final rose? Tune in to ABC’s The Bachelor 2016 season airing on Monday nights to see just how things play out on the way to that final rose ceremony.

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