Amazon Echo’s Alexa Now Reads Your Kindle Books To You

Amazon Echo has been out for a little more than a year now. However, it can do so much more now that it has been out because of the updates that have been made to it recently. One thing Amazon Echo can do is have Alexa, the robot from Amazon Echo, read your Kindle books to you upon your command.

According to a report by Mashable, you don’t have to lift a finger anymore as long as you have the Amazon Echo. Did you just get done playing Jeopardy with Alexa and now want it to read you a book? Just give a command from the different commands found here and Alexa will read aloud any Kindle book you have in your Kindle library that you bought, borrowed from the Kindle Owner’s Lending Library/Kindle Unlimited, or any eBook you have access to from the Family Library. No more having to literally lift a finger when you are ready to read.

Technology is advancing rapidly with the new Amazon Echo.

If you want to pause the book, skip chapters, or go back to previous chapters, Alexa can do this for you too. For pausing the book, just say pause and when you want to resume reading, just tell Alexa to resume your book. For skipping chapters, just tell Alex to go forward or go back when wanting to go back in the book.

The best part about this new feature, besides the fact that you don’t have to lift a finger when you feel like reading an eBook, is that this service with Amazon Echo is completely free of charge. Also, according to Engadget, if you are curious about what Alexa sounds like before you try this free service, ask Alexa to read you a news article or a Wikipedia article to you. Although you won’t get the same thing as you would when listening to a voice actor on Audibles read you a book, it is free after all, so you can’t get anything better than that. This is especially true since there is a monthly fee when you use Audibles.

This is not all Amazon Echo can do from the updates that have been done to it since its release on November of 2014. Pulse Headlines reports that Alexa can even unlock and start some Ford vehicles now. It can also control some home appliances for you.

It seems we are getting lazier every New Year that passes since technology is rapidly advancing. Not only do we now have a robot to read books to us and even unlock and start our cars for us, but we also have voice activated remote controls, which you use your voice to change the channels with, and even touch tables to use for work.

The touch table is like a computer coffee table, by Humelab, because it has a touch screen on top of a coffee table. So, now we don’t even need to leave our living rooms to get online and do our work.

Amazon Echo will read your Kindle books to you now.

Not only do we have all of this now, but we also have self-driving cars. If you have a self-driving car, and if you get tired while driving, let the car take over for you while you take a nap on the way home or wherever you are driving to or from. If you want to have a drink but need to get home, obviously you can’t drive because you have been drinking, so let the car take you home. No DUI for you because you weren’t driving to begin with.

So, what is next with technology? With technology advancing so fast these days, it is no wonder we are becoming lazier and lazier each New Year that passes us.

(AP Photo/Mark Lennihan)