Miranda Lambert Shares ‘Sweet’ New Song As Blake Shelton Pours Divorce Pain Into Album: Why They Split Shockers [Video]

Miranda Lambert spent the last half of 2015 struggling to recover from her divorce with Blake Shelton. And while her country crooner ex moved on with Gwen Stefani and turned his public romance while they were coaches on The Voice into the hottest hook-up of the year, Miranda seemed to have a difficult time moving on with her own life. But Lambert did eventually find a new boyfriend with whom to see in the New Year, Anderson East, as the Inquisitr reported.

Now, just a few weeks later, her fans are listening to a song that celebrates the love Miranda has for families and her southern roots. “Sweet By and By” is the contribution created by Lambert for Southern Family, Dave Cobb’s concept album, reported the Boot.

Each of the 12 tracks is performed by various country artists, with every one chosen to showcase the heritage of that musician’s background. For Miranda, born in Texas, the song has special meaning in this challenging period of her life.

“These are songs written about growing up and songs that are cut that they’ve heard,” Cobb revealed. “Maybe one your mother sang to you. Something that means a lot to your family.”

Southern Family will be released March 18.

Country Crooner Channels Divorce Pain Into New Album

While Lambert is making her comeback, in addition to serving as a coach on The Voice, her ex Blake is using his musical talents in a different way, and that’s to pour out the pain of his divorce with Miranda, reported Taste Of Country.

Miranda Lambert poses with her country crooner prior to their divorce.

Shelton’s next album will reveal the heartbreak of having his marriage fall apart as well as the joy of finding a new love in his life. And the country crooner held nothing back in what will be his 10th studio album, anticipated to drop in May.

“I’ve written more than I’ve written in 15 years, for obvious reasons — all the awful things that have happened in my personal life — but the way the year ended is also the greatest of my life…it’s all I’m thinking about…I’m doing what I’m supposed to do, and that’s put all I’ve gone through and put it into music, and I never felt more connected to a record before. When people hear this record, they may not know what happened to me, but they’re gonna know how I felt about it.”

But what many are still wondering is why he and Lambert ended their marriage.

What Really Caused Duo To Divorce?

The reasons gradually have emerged, based on what’s known about what happened behind the scenes as well as what Miranda and her ex have revealed, according to sources cited by Morning Ledger.

Miranda Lambert took longer to recover from her divorce and move on.

Shelton, 39, was the one who filed and made the decision, said one source.

“It came on very quickly… It was very clear that things weren’t going to work out. So he decided to end it,” revealed that source.

However, although Lambert met the man she thought would be her forever love at a big bash, her views of what was important in life shifted. Not so for the 39-year-old country crooner, who wanted to continue partying and drinking the nights away.

And for Miranda, drinking was on the forbidden list as she succeeded in her weight loss and became increasingly focused on dieting, said one of Morning Ledger’s sources.

“They had a crazy, wild attraction and their relationship was one big party. It was great because they were lovers and best friends, who enjoyed going out together. But as time went on, Miranda changed, as did her priorities. She didn’t want to go out every night and she stopped drinking, except for the rare occasion. She lost a lot of weight and became obsessed with her diet.”

But it was more than a focus on diet by Lambert and his fondness for fried food and beer that caused the split. Those siding with Miranda claim that the Voice coach deliberately went out and paid for a public relations company to wreck her reputation. In addition, Lambert and her then-husband had very separate lives, going their own ways.

“They had not been together for a while and were living separate lives. They were just trying to find the right time to break the news to the public,” added another source.

Moreover, while he wanted to live closer together, she enjoyed going off and touring, as well as the freedom of not having kids, according to insiders. Those different views on the dream life also clashed, separating them even more.

Who’s Cheating On Who?

And then there were all those cheating rumors. Miranda allegedly believed her then-husband was being unfaithful with a different country singer, while Shelton’s side allege that Lambert cheated. He supposedly told her to leave his house in Oklahoma (and take her pets with her).

And while Miranda took time before finding someone new, her ex had no problem heating up his hook-up with Gwen Stefani on The Voice. Even that illustrious position as a coach caused chaos before they finally made the divorce final, however, according to a source cited by Morning Ledger.

“He liked [being a celebrity], which isn’t a negative thing, but it’s just polar opposite to what she wants,” revealed the source. “It was frustrating, and she didn’t want to be part of that machine.”

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