50 Cent, Meek Mill Feud: Rappers Hurl Insults On Instagram

50 Cent has been involved in a social media feud with Meek Mill. Drake can sit this one out. The rappers exchanged some harsh words on social media.

50 Cent was already involved in a feud with rapper Rick Ross, according to E! News. Now it looks like he’s after Nicki Minaj’s man. It all started on Saturday, January 16 when Meek dropped a surprise four-song mix-tape that featured a song “Gave ‘Em Hope.” The track threw shots at 50 Cent, including his filing for bankruptcy, and for his falling out with Ross.

Meek Mill
After hearing the track, 50 Cent took to his Instagram to uploaded a series of memes and resorted to name-calling because that’s just what grown rappers do. But the post that really kicked things off was when 50 posted an enlarged poop emoji with Mill’s facial features.

“LMAO Hey s**t head, your career is over already. You better focus on getting Nicki pregnant so you can at least get child support girl. LMAO, you made a big mistake S**t Head. (sic)” he captioned one of the many memes he posted.

Nicki Minaj has since kept quiet about the shade that was thrown her way. Maybe because she doesn’t want to be involved in another social media feud, like the one she had with Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham last week. Meek Mill hasn’t been sitting quietly though. He took to his own Instagram to share a photo of himself carrying a big pile of money along with a lengthy caption for the rapper.

“U pop s**t on social media 24/7…U never in the places everybody b at…..The whole queens say you a rat….Ross baby mom hit you for that check you sick….Ross finished you. Career over? How dare you speak on that? U going broke and you miserable….U really miserable bro….You like 40 on the internet all day. (sic)”

You can read the rest of Meek’s post on his Instagram post. He then shared a throwback photo of himself with 50 Cent along with the caption, “Say less…. Just watch these characters!” But 50 Cent’s fans are not having it. They’ve been storming Mill’s Instagram page by calling him a “s**t head” and posting the appropriate poop emoji.

50 Cent
50 Cent hasn’t stopped as well. He shared a meme that read “MEEK MILLS NEW YEAR RESOLUTION: ‘This year, it’s gonna be my tour, and not my girls tour.'” In case you didn’t know, Meek has been touring with Nicki Minaj on The Pinkprint World Tour.

Meek Mill also made time to reignite his feud with Drake on his surprise EP. He fired back at the Toronto-based rapper on the track “I’m Da Plug Freestyle.” On the song, he trashes Drake and Future’s song “Jumpman.”

“Jumpman, Jumpman, Jumpman/Ain’t nobody tell ’em this ain’t what they want, man/You ain’t really write it, I’m like, ‘Who’s your stuntman?”

Meek also addresses his July 2015 claim that Drake uses a ghostwriter for his own music. The song is also a direct response to Drake’s diss track “Back to Back,” where the rapper asks his archenemy, “Is that your world tour or your girl’s tour?” which is a jab toward Meek’s girlfriend Nicki Minaj.

On the track, Mill raps: “Was that my girl’s tour or the world tour? / I do not k now what you p****y n****s goin’ for / This that 100K a night when you perform tour / Swimmin’ in that good p***y while you’re on tour.”

You can stream Meek Mill’s new 4/4 EP here. What are your thoughts on his diss tracks about 50 Cent and Drake? Do you think they should let it go? And would you like 50 Cent to drop his own diss track? Sound off below in the comments section.

[Photo by Matthew Eisman/Getty Images for iHeartMedia and Marcus Ingram/Getty Images for Bacardi]