‘The X-Files’ Latest Trailer Proves The Conspiracy Is Just As Creepy And Insidious As Ever

The X-Files is back! A new trailer, released by the FOX network, is out to prove Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) is right when he suggests we have more to fear than ever. This latest peek at what we can expect with the six-episode return of the Chris Carter run series reveals that both Mulder and the conspiracy he seeks to expose have all been moving along through the years.

The X-Files Debuts A New Trailer That Offers An Even More Disturbing Look At The Conspiracy

The trailer, which may be one of the last ones we’ll see considering how close we are to the tenth season X-Files premiere, features William B. Davis as the Cigarette Smoking Man.

Davis is just as chilling as that all-knowing government agent and it seems his influence is just as far reaching as it has ever been on The X-Files. His appearance in this new trailer deftly implies as much, as he telephones unknown accomplices to warn them that the X-Files have been reopened. The scene also offers a hint as to how he can still be alive. As he speaks on the phone and audiences are only given a shot from behind, his left arm is raised, revealing what appears to be severely burned skin. It seems that this seemingly invincible villain has survived a fire that should have claimed his life.

Whatever the reason, it seems CGB Spender is back to provide a dark, menacing obstacle to the mysteries Mulder and Scully (Gillian Anderson) seek to uncover.

If the revival of The X-Files is as ambitious as it purports to be, we may find ourselves placing our real life surveillance practices and increased security measures under an even harsher light. Mulder suggests as much, as he warns that the people of the United States have never been more at risk. Perhaps there is a real Cigarette Smoking Man walking the halls of the Pentagon, or maybe even someone worse.

Gillian Anderson Says She Shares A “Kinetic Energy” With Co-Star David Duchovny

For a long time, it was assumed that The X-Files previous seasons brought an evolving romance to stars Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny. While she won’t comment on just how much truth there is to that rumor, Ms. Anderson does say that the show and the intervening years have taught the two partners how to work together and relate to one another.

“People know we are good friends now and that we’ve found our way into an adult friendship,” Gillian Anderson says of her friend and costar David Duchovny. “But there is something that will always remain between us, a kinetic energy that is tangible when you see us in a room together.”

Speaking of the highly anticipated revival of The X-Files, Anderson admits the pressure affected her performances in the beginning. She explains that she was trying to step back into the Dana Scully of those past seasons, instead of trying to envision how the character might have evolved through the years. While teasers have focused primarily on how time has affected Fox Mulder, Gillian says Dana Scully isn’t as put together as she might seem, either.

Since separating from Mulder, as well as from the F.B.I., Scully has excelled in the medical field, where she works with children and assists surgeons on battling a particular disease. Ms. Anderson doesn’t elaborate on what role this disease plays in The X-Files plot, if any, but she does say that her work is all that she has of meaning in her life.

“You get the sense that she goes to work, she goes to her apartment, and that’s her life. There is something missing and, of course, the thing that’s missing is Mulder.”

The revival of The X-Files is scheduled to premiere on Sunday, January 24 on FOX.

[Featured image by FOX]