Italian Woman Asks Firefighters To Help Remove Her Chastity Belt

A firefighting crew in Padua, Italy, was stunned and embarrassed when a middle-aged woman came to them, asking for their help. She needed them to help get her out of her chastity belt after she lost the key to the padlock securing it.

According to the Italian newspaper, Il Matino di Padova, the woman strolled up to the fire station in Padua on Wednesday and calmly said to the firefighters, “Hello, I lost the keys to a lock and I can’t open it.”

Reportedly this kind of request is common for the workers at the fire station, as people often lose their keys and ask the crew of the fire station for their help.

One of the firefighters asked the woman for her address, assuming he had to help open the lock of a door or a gate. However, the woman immediately lifted her sweater to show the men which lock she was actually referring to. It was, in fact, an iron padlock, securing a chastity belt, complete with a type of metal chain.

The crew of the fire station were both amazed and embarrassed by the situation, but managed to keep their professionalism under the increasingly surreal circumstances. The woman, who cannot be named according to Italian privacy laws, explained again that she had lost the keys to the lock in her home and couldn’t open the chastity belt.

Managing to keep straight faces, the firemen did eventually manage to open the chastity belt for the woman by breaking the padlock.

As reported in the Telegraph, members of the firefighting crew then became concerned. They were worried the woman had been forced to wear the chastity belt by a partner or husband. The crew were concerned that someone was forcing her to play some kind of dangerous erotic game and that she had escaped from their clutches. They also wondered how long the poor woman had been wearing the chastity belt.

However, when they inquired of the woman the circumstances surrounding the wearing of the unusual garment, she explained that she voluntarily chose to wear the iron chastity belt in an effort to stop herself from having sexual relationships. She added that when she couldn’t find the key anywhere in her home after several desperate searches, she immediately rushed to them for their help.

According to the Telegraph, journalists tried to contact the crew at the Padua fire station for comment, but without success.

There are no photos available of the chastity belt in question, but it probably didn’t look like the scary looking belt from the 17th century pictured below.

Or, indeed, this one:

The story brings to mind an article on the Inquisitr about a year ago, shortly before the release of the BDSM film Fifty Shades of Grey. In that article, firefighters in the U.K. had released warnings to the general public that the erotic movie could lead to people becoming trapped in handcuffs and other intimate equipment mentioned in the book and revealed in the film.

Reportedly several incidents of people trapped in erotic situations had occurred during 2013 and 2014 with firefighters called in to help release them, and they anticipated a huge increase in numbers once Fifty Shades of Grey hit the theater screens.

While the lady in question said she was trying to avoid sexual entanglements, it does make one wonder whether she had possibly seen the movie.

[Photo via Flickr by Kirill Unabridged/CC BY-NC-ND 2.0]