Karen Lotz Murder: Illinois Man Shoots Wife To Death After Argument Over Coffee Maker

A 65-year-old Illinois man has been arrested after he allegedly shot his own wife dead after they had an argument over a coffee maker. The man, identified as Larry Lotz, is accused of shooting his wife, Karen Lotz who was 59. According to The Chicago Tribune, the incident happened on Friday, January 15 after the couple had an argument over a coffee maker. Larry Lotz is a Vietnam war era veteran as well.

Larry Lotz was reportedly admonished by Karen after he left the coffee maker on. An angry Lotz then went to his office located above the garage in their home and shut the door. When Karen followed him into the room a few minutes later, he was ready sitting on his desk holding his handgun. The moment Karen entered the room, he fired at her three times using the.45 caliber handgun. One of the four shots hit Karen on the head, reports add.

After the shooting, Larry called up one of his sons and told him that he had shot Karen. This was followed up by a call to 911 and admitted to doing the same. Police and emergency officials responded quickly to the scene of the incident. Karen was rushed to a nearby hospital but could not be saved. After police arrived on the scene, Larry calmly showed them where the gun he used to shoot Karen Lotz was. The gun was recovered from the scene.

Karen Lotz murder
On Friday, Larry Lotz was charged with first degree murder of his own wife Karen Lotz. His bond was set at $3 million at the Lake County courtroom.

According to Assistant State’s Attorney Chris Corbin, Larry Lotz later gave a videotaped statement in which he admitted to shooting and killing Karen Lotz. However, in court, when the same narrative was repeated Larry interrupted and claimed that that was not what actually happened. He was however stopped from speaking further by the judge.

Karen Lotz was an employee of Harper College in Palatine. An employee of the college since 1996, she was most recently handling her work as an admissions processing supervisor. Karen had an associate’s degree from Harper in 2000, a bachelor’s degree at Northern Illinois University and was currently enrolled for a master’s degree course at Robert Morris University Illinois in Chicago.

Kimberly Pohl from the Harper College said she and other staff members were shocked to learn about Karen’s death.

“She was here (nearly 20 years), so she has a lot of people who are close to her,”

The death of his mother has shocked 33-year-old Matthew Lotz, the son of the couple. Lotz said he was still awaiting information as to what actually happened while adding that he was not allowed to speak with his father. Talking about his parents, Lotz said the following.

“We love them very much. I don’t know anything about (what happened with) my father, but no matter what, I love him. Both our parents were very caring and did everything they possibly could for us. They were always willing to go without to make sure we had something.”

Matthew also said that his father “adored” her mother and that he was often seen waking up early to clean her car so that Karen could go for work. He also used to cook dinner for her before she got home. He was also unaware that the household had a gun.

“He adored her. There’s never been any violence in the house. It’s always been a happy home.”

Even the Lotz’ neighbors described Larry Lotz as a very calm man.

“He was one of those guys that was always very talkative and friendly and would come out and say hi to you and talk to you if you’re out in the yard,” Said John Slevira, who is renting a house next door.

The case is being investigated by Barrington police, the Cook County Major Case Assistance Team and the Lake County coroner’s office.

[Image Via Barrington Police Department]