October 19, 2016
Dallas Cowboys Rumors: Troubled Johnny Manziel Spotted In Fort Worth Liquor Store -- Sign Of Things To Come?

Even though the entire NFL season isn't yet over, it's been completed for the Cleveland Browns for a couple of weeks now. Quarterback Johnny Manziel may not be technically done in Cleveland, but everyone truly assumes that his time there is all but over. Rumors have linked him to the Dallas Cowboys for 2016, and now, the troubled star was seen in a liquor store in Fort Worth, Texas.

Is that a sign of things to come?

Even though Manziel has nothing to do with the Dallas Cowboys and owner Jerry Jones at this time, many people feel as if he could end up there for next season. Everyone knows that Jones has a bit of a soft spot for troubled players (Greg Hardy), but would he take a chance on Manziel?

johnny manziel dallas cowboys
[Photo by Rob Leiter/Getty Images]Throughout the 2015 season, Manziel was on a yo-yo with the Browns as far as the depth chart went. He started as the back-up then moved up to starter then was demoted to third string before moving into the back-up role again before becoming starter and then getting injured.

In the meantime, he also got in trouble for landing in the spotlight numerous times for problems off the field. He was seen partying on social media videos a few times, and that's after he was in rehab (for unspecified reasons) before the season.

Mid-season, Manziel was pulled over by the police for a domestic issue with his girlfriend. Nothing ended up coming from the situation, but it was still concerning for the Browns.

Now, the season is over and he was spotted in a liquor store in Fort Worth, Texas. Manziel has long been advised and required to steer clear of alcohol of all kind.

liquor store texas johnny manziel browns cowboys
[Photo by Nick Cammett/Diamond Images/Getty Images]WFAA reported that Manziel was seen on Saturday evening at a store called Kings Liquor in Fort Worth. Theresa Swinney, the assistant manager at the store, stated that her and her co-workers instantly recognized Manziel and knew it was him.

He purchased items that came in just "under $200," and that included a $120 bottle of Don Julio Tequila. To further confirm that it was indeed the NFL quarterback, he paid for the items with a credit card that had his name on it.

Apparently, the stop at the liquor store close to Texas Christian University (TCU) made the rounds on social media, as well. Different accounts of Manziel being in Forth Worth were being passed around and one comment even stated, "at least he's consistent at something."

It's not surprising that Manziel is near TCU as he's been dating a woman who is a student at the school.

For The Win reported that fans have recently started a petition to have the Dallas Cowboys bring Johnny Manziel to the team. There are T-shirts for sale and even a website (bringjohnny2dallas.com) is devoted to getting it done.

As of Jan. 17, there are close to 2,600 signatures. It doesn't seem like there is an epic level of support just yet, but the support is growing. Signatures have more than tripled in the past 24 hours alone.

Manziel is still under contract with the Cleveland Browns, but a trade is always an option if the two teams can agree on one. Then again, the Browns may end up releasing the quarterback if they can't find a trade partner.

The Dallas Cowboys may or may not take a chance on Johnny Manziel, but that all depends on if the opportunity is even there to do so. If he continues to have off-field problems and put himself in situations (like being at a Fort Worth liquor store) that aren't good for his reputation, then there may be no place for him in the NFL at all.

[Photo by James Squire/Getty Images]