You’ll Never Believe What’s Coming To Netflix, Amazon Prime, And Hulu

Snow fell on large parts of the Mid-Atlantic and the northeastern United States Sunday, making it a perfect day to curl up in bed and see what is coming to Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu. And if you are lucky, your favorites would have already arrived.

The services have begun announcing the latest shows and movies to arrive to their respective streaming services, with Netflix and Amazon Prime perhaps holding the most anticipated streaming options for customers.


There are several additions coming to Netflix this month, with It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’s 10th season starting the month off right January 5. But the other shows and movies coming to Netflix this month are just as good, according to a list compiled by Wired. The Canadian high school drama, Degrassi: Next Class, landed on Netflix January 15, while Chelsea Handler’s latest series — Chelsea Does — comes to the service on January 23. Handler’s series, according to Wired, will push the limits (or lack thereof) on Netflix.

“Considering how completely uncensored author and former late-night host Chelsea Handler is, it only seems right that her next offering would be on the say-what-you-wanna-say platform of Netflix. This four-part documentary series will have Handler investigating a mix of favorite topics (marriage, drugs, racism) and some that she’s spoken on less frequently (Silicon Valley). Expect to be mildly offended—and hopefully to laugh.”

Coming Soon reports new seasons of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt and Orange is the New Black are on track in coming months, as well.

Amazon Prime

The good shows are not only coming to Netflix, but they are also landing at Amazon Prime. TV Guide reports that several HBO series will land at Amazon, allowing individuals without the premium cable subscription or a subscription to HBO Now the opportunity to catch up on their favorite shows, albeit a few years late.

Some of the HBO series to come to the service in February include the final season of The Newsroom and the second season of the envelope-pushing series, Girls.

“On the movie side of things, Prime additions include recent releases like Amy, Chi-Raq and The End of the Tour, as well as old favorites like The Fifth Element, Men in Black, and Tim Burton’s Batman,” TV Guide reported.

002 You'll Never Believe What's Coming To Netflix, Amazon Prime, And Hulu
While the general public will focus on the series of new shows coming to Netflix and Amazon Prime, one critically-acclaimed film landing on Prime is the Spike Lee film Chi-Raq, as TV Guide said in the previous quote. The movie, focusing on the violent crime and murder problem on the streets of Chicago, is an Amazon Studios-backed project that has been available at theaters in large cities across the United States for the last several months, though the release to the masses has been somewhat limited. TV Guide reports the film will premiere on Amazon Prime February 5, while the less-serious Will Ferrell film, Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, will premiere on Amazon Prime February 4.


If you were looking for the addition of Dawson’s Creek on the section of coming to Netflix releases, you may have been disappointed to see the show is not coming back to the service. But fear not because the American high school drama will premiere on Hulu, according to Variety.

003 You'll Never Believe What's Coming To Netflix, Amazon Prime, And Hulu
“Among the content heading to Hulu is all episodes of ‘Dawson’s Creek,’ ‘Party of Five,’ ‘The Shield’ and ‘Damages.’ On the film side, flicks from the Sony archives include ‘Jerry Maguire,’ ‘Midnight in Paris’ and ‘My Best Friends Wedding,’ ” Variety reported. “Prior to the deal being announced, Hulu made all episodes of fan-favorite sitcom ‘Happy Endings’ available to subscribers, which is co-produced by Sony.”

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