‘Big Brother 18’: CBS Reality TV Show Returns in June With an All-Star Cast–Frankie Grande Teases a Comeback?

Ever since Mike Boogie won Big Brother: All-Stars (Season 7), the CBS audience has wondered when the summer reality television show would bring back another season featuring former Big Brother contestants. Big Brother 18 is rumored to be All-Stars 2, featuring houseguests in need of a second chance.

Your Health Mag reported that Big Brother 18 will bring back houseguests who barely fell short of winning their season, mimicking the Survivor: Second Chances season. Apparently, CBS will not ask any past winner to return to the show this year, and all contestants chances of winning the show will be even.

Returnee players have mixed reviews sometimes; often, fans tune in to see their favorite, or not so favorite player battle it out for the half a million dollars. If Big Brother 18 is, in fact, a second chance season, is it possible the rumors are correct and Frankie Grande will return?

Big Brother 18 promises to be the most shocking season yet, with new alliances and new enemies, according to Celeb News. The rumors on social media have been buzzing for a while that Frankie Grande and Zach Rance will return, and resume their ill-received bromance from Season 16.

When Big Brother asks a player to return to the game, it usually indicates the houseguest is a well-rounded player, and they expect big excitement with their gameplay. Some of the best players have been entertaining, yet extremely cunning, and able to maneuver their way to the finish line to claim the title of Big Brother winner.

For many Big Brother fans, they loathe the name, Frankie Grande. If you are like most, you want to like him and you try hard to tolerate his antics. After ten minutes of listening to his voice, and his shenanigans, you are likely screaming for it all to end. So, why would CBS put the fans through another awful season featuring him, and his showmance partner, Zach Rance?

Zach Rance was one of the greatest players of his season on Big Brother. He made big moves, and it cost him his early departure from the game. Rance played with his heart and wasn’t afraid to speak his mind. Zach is the type of Big Brother player that fans root for, and enjoy watching on the reality television show. The Big Brother 18 audience has stated that Zach without Frankie would be welcomed on Big Brother 18. It would be interesting to see how Zach would play without being joined at the hip with Frankie Grande.

For a few seasons, CBS casting directors have teased that Frank Eudy would return to redeem himself after losing big during his season. Frank was a real competitor; however, he lacked the social skills needed to master the Big Brother game.

Big Brother 18 will premiere in late June and according to the official CBS website, they are accepting applications from fans wanting to appear on the show. Previously, when they aired an all -star season they announced the plans for an all-returnee player season one month before the players were sent to the house.

Big Brother host, Julie Chen stated at last season’s finale that she doubted they would ever dedicate a whole season to All-Star. Chen indicated the returnee player seasons do not do as well as new players, and as far she knows there were no plans to air an All-Star 2 season in 2016.

Celeb Dirty Laundry noted that Frankie Grande teased that Big Brother could have asked him to appear on the reality show. Is it possible it was just a publicity stunt to get Frankie a little social media attention?

Big Brother 18 will be announcing their houseguest for the new season in the next few months. Would you like to see Frankie Grande, Zach Rance, or Frank Eudy return to the house?

[Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic]