iPhone 5 Features ‘Spider-Like’ Design In Federico Ciccarese Concept [Video]

The new iPhone 5 is rumored to be released in August, and in celebration of new rumors that Apple’s new phone will be “spider-like” in design, Federico Ciccarese has created a concept to show what the highly anticipated device may look like.

The Christian Post reports that, based on the concept video, Ciccarese assumes the new device will fit on the back of a user’s hand. His concept also comes with metal legs that grip the hand and resembles a spider when standing on its own.

While the concept with its sleek metal bands may not be exactly what Apple is thinking, Phones Review points out that:

“While we think it actually looks incredible we can’t see it quite catching on. Plenty of people don’t even like wearing a ring for example so the idea of your palm wrapped in metal may not appeal.”

They also note that no one will really know (besides Apple’s inner employees) what the iPhone 5 looks like until it is announced in August (or September, November…who really knows?) it’s fun to speculate what it could be like based on rumors and leaked tips.

The Examiner notes that the new iPhone is rumored to come with a quad-core processor using rival Samsung’s technology, and the Christian Post reports that the device will be wearable, possibly like the iPod Nano, which has an optional watch accessory.

Mashable notes that for Ciccarese’s concept:

“The renderings look amazing, and we love the sci-fi look of the thing, but the creepiness and probable discomfort created by the legs make it a non-starter.”

What do you think of Federico Ciccarese’s concept iPhone 5? What do you think the new iPhone 5 will look like?

Check out Ciccarese’s concept video below: