Heather McDonald Confesses She ‘Lived In Fear’ While Working For Chelsea Handler

Heather McDonald is best known as a comedienne who appeared quite frequently on Chelsea Lately. The show ran on the E! network late nights and was always a bit on the controversial side. McDonald and host Chelsea Handler were friends throughout the duration of the run, but there was more that outsiders didn’t know. Heather McDonald was always on the stressed side, but many assumed that was typical when you work in an industry that caters to Hollywood. That was a wrong assessment and in just two days, McDonald is telling all.

Chelsea Lately was canceled, and Heather McDonald wasn’t aware until the very end. According to TMZ, Heather McDonald is going to be on a podcast this week, titled Allegedly. It is hosted by Matt Weiss and Theo Von. McDonald will talk about her time working on Chelsea Lately, and will go into detail about why she lived in fear the entire time. When the news broke about McDonald’s feelings, fans were shocked. It was assumed she was close with Chelsea Handler, but that appears to be a wrong assumption. Things aren’t always as they appear on the outside, and McDonald’s account of what happened is going to prove just that.

While Heather McDonald and Chelsea Handler were good friends, their friendship has since dissolved. McDonald will talk about that during the podcast and go into detail about how everything came about. It appears that when Handler is friends with someone, everything is awesome. At some point, though, she will dump you with no explanation. McDonald was more or less blindsided by everything done to her. The entire situation is sad, but Heather McDonald is saying she has no hard feelings toward Handler. Comments from fans have fought that statement, though. Clearly, there is some animosity between the two if McDonald is now speaking out about mistreatment.

It has been months since Heather McDonald left Chelsea Lately behind. She has decided to talk about her time on the show in a new podcast, and it will air Tuesday. According to New York Daily News, Heather McDonald was living in fear around Chelsea Handler. Her heart would race every time something happened. McDonald seems to be insinuating there was a power trip happening, though she never comes right out and says it. Apparently, Handler didn’t let any of her staff know that talks about the show were happening and up until the very last moment, the cancellation of Chelsea Lately wasn’t shared with staff. There were plenty of wrongs listed by McDonald during her talk with Matt Weiss and Theo Von.

For now, Heather McDonald is doing alright for herself. She had a short-lived show on the TLC network with other comediennes, but it was a little more controversial than expected. Her comedy style has been pretty successful for her in recent years, which is partly why she landed the semi-regular gig on Chelsea Lately. Fans of the show recognize her immediately because she was basically one of Chelsea Handler’s go-to people.

Since news broke of Heather McDonald’s appearance on the podcast and the comments made about Chelsea Handler, things have been moving along quickly. Handler has not responded to anything McDonald has said about her, but fans feel like a rebuttal is coming. When McDonald mentioned she has no hard feelings toward her former friend, many believe she was just covering her own behind. Things could get messy later this week when McDonald’s podcast airs and Handler hears it all. While it is unclear whether or not McDonald and Handler have spoken to one another since Chelsea Lately ended, this podcast will definitely ensure they will no longer be speaking.

[Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images for Mediaplacement]