Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen Had Plastic Surgery To No Longer Look Like Olsen Twins

Though Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are not identical twins, they look identical, or at least they did before they both caught the plastic surgery bug. When fans now look at them, it is easy to tell them apart, but it’s not a good thing. Both Olsens now look unlike themselves. They are shy of 30, but have gotten facelifts, and still seems unhappy with their appearance.

According to the Inquisitr, Ashley Olsen has gotten a liquid facelift, and it didn’t turn out the way she planned. Liquid facelifts are usually for women over forty, but Ashley has gotten one at 29. The procedure uses filler and fat to rebalance the facial structure, and Botox to erase lines. Olsen is said to be very dissatisfied with her procedure, and though it wears off, it could be up to a year.

Daily Mail reported that the Olsen twins no longer appear to be twins. Fans have taken to Twitter to say how confused they are to see the ladies looking so odd.

“I’m so saddened by Mary-Kate Olsen’s plastic surgery decisions,” wrote @jamieATD.

“Mary-Kate Olsen was good looking then plastic surgery happened,” tweeted @KatieSchwanz.

And the general consensus seems to be that they no longer look like twins, and both look like they have had work done, which is not the point of plastic surgery.

And most casual photos show Mary-Kate chain smoking.

Twitter also included a comment that said the Olsens were attractive, and then surgery happened.

Wonderwall said that Mary-Kate Olsen is looking significantly older than someone in their 20s. According to Mark Gray, with her nose done and a chin implant, Olsen looks “mannish.”

“Dressed in black and expressionless, Mary-Kate appeared to have a more pronounced jaw and bushier eyebrows than her fraternal twin. Her hair parted in the center, looking less put-together than usual, Mary-Kate seemed to many to look significantly older than a typical 28-year-old.”

The suggestion that both Olsens have gotten “Zelllwegerd” referring to lots of plastic surgery gone wrong is a common comment.

According to the Inquisitr, Ashley Olsen’s recent facelift “freaked her out.”

“Just before the holidays, Ashley underwent a simple filler procedure called a liquid facelift, but it went horribly wrong,” an insider told In Touch of the surgery that requires doctors to use needles to fill cheeks and the jaw with filler or fat.

It seems like Olsen had a bad reaction to the surgery, and was left bruised and swollen.

“It caused her face to swell, bruise and blacken,” revealed the insider. “Ashley freaked out when she saw it. It was a nightmare. She was a complete mess through the tedious sessions.”

According to OK Magazine, though the liquid facelift went wrong, Ashley Olsen plans to do it again.

“The Full House alum learned that she had ‘necrosis in which tissue dies because a lack of blood flow. If not treated quickly, necrosis can cause permanent damage, severe scarring and even blindness.’ ”

The Olsens have also decided that it is time to officially pull out of acting, and focus their money and attention on their fashion line. Though their wardrobes tend to look odd to most, they consider themselves the height of fashion.

Do you think that the Olsen twins surgeries are a win or a lose? Do you think they should just stop?

[Photo by Larry Busacca/Getty Images]