Furby Is Back For 2012

Furby, the furry interactive much-loved pet (or despised annoying demon, depending on your viewpoint) toy that flew off the shelves when first released in 1998 by Hasbro will be returning for the 2012 holiday season.

On first look of the new Furby 2.0, Endgadget reports it has undergone a bit of a make over from its predecessor, the most noticeable of changes being bright LCD eyes in place of the plastic ones previously incorporated into the original, allowing for a wider range of emotions/expressions to be made. The overall look of the new Furby is essentially the same.

The furry little guy now has more sensors built-in resulting in more interactivity and is capable of more movement than version 1.0, even if only slightly.

The new Furby still maintains the ability to interact with other Furbys but will also be able to interact with iOS devices such as your iPad or iPhone. Apps will be available that allow you to feed and communicate with it. There is even a translator application so you can understand (or attempt to understand) the creepy little critter according to Mashable.

And yes ladies and gentlemen as with the previous generation there is still no off switch, making the only way to turn it off actually taking out one of the batteries. Otherwise store it in a dark closet somewhere and it will eventually doze off.

The new Furby 2.0 is expected to hit shelves this fall, just in time for the holiday season and will be priced at $60 each.

The previous generation Furby sold over 40 million of the furry little fuzzballs within its first three years and managed to get itself banned from the Pentagon as a threat to national security.

Take a look at the Furby 2.0 in action:

Just when you thought the creepy little guys were a thing of the past, what do you think of the new Furby 2.0?