Cleveland Browns: Hue Jackson Will Be Offensive Coordinator And Head Coach

ESPN reports that former Oakland Raiders head coach and Cincinnati Bengals offensive coordinator, Hue Jackson, says that he will combine those roles together as he calls the shots for the Cleveland Browns next season. This news comes as he sits down with the press on his bold decision.
"Right now in my mind, I don't really plan on having an offensive coordinator, because I want to reserve that right to call plays. That's something that's gotten me this job, so it's something that you're an expert at. You want to continue to work at that and keep that in your pocket so you can use it to help your team."
Jackson added that he likes to call plays and wants to "scratch the itch" that he has for it. However, he is still weighing other viable options as he has reached out to former Colts coordinator Pep Hamilton to possibly play a part in play calling for the Browns, ESPN reports.

Something else to note is that last season's offensive coordinator for the Browns, John Fillippo, will not be back for the Browns' 2016-17 season.

Jackson also hopes to reshape the Browns' running game. As such, he has also reportedly reached out to Kirby Wilson--Vikings running back coach to be a run game coordinator. However, Wilson still belongs to the Vikings, as they have not yet released him.

Jackson will have a lot on his plate as head coach/offensive coordinator for the Cleveland Browns (should he choose to officially act as coordinator come Fall). One of the bigger concerns being what to do with Manziel.

The Inquisitr reports that the Browns might not have found any trade value for him. If Jackson doesn't find any use for the former Texas A&M star's talents, then odds of him staying in Cleveland -- or even starting anywhere for the 2016-2017 season -- look grim.

The St. Louis Rams (now the Los Angeles Rams) are considered by ESPN to be the most viable team for Manziel. The rumors of him landing a roster spot on Jerry Jones' Cowboys have been floating around, as well. Especially since everyone was calling Manziel "Johnny Football" coming out of college.

The new Cleveland Browns head coach said he's excited about all of the current players on the roster -- giving such praise to defensive tackle, Joe Thomas, in particular -- but when asked about Manziel, he noted the following.

"I need to get in this building and have an opportunity to sit down and watch tape, I don't know Johnny personally. I know who he is, but at the same time I think I have to give everybody on our football team a fair opportunity to see who they are, to truly learn who they are, and then make decisions from there."
Jackson also told Mike and Mike in The Morning that he will have to evaluate a quarterback who will help Cleveland win.

On the bright side, Jackson has also been known to build up the confidence in quarterbacks like he did with Andy Dalton in Cincinnati. He also helped Baltimore Ravens QB Joe Flacco tremendously improve his game, as well. reports some other positions that Jackson will have to promptly tackle as the head coach of the Cleveland Browns are the left tackle, running back, and the wide receiver position.

Hue went 8-8 as a head coach during his brief stint with the Oakland Raiders. He has personally said that he has learned from that experience and is looking forward to bigger success in Cleveland.

Out of all of the new coaches going into the 2016-17 season, NFL HQ predicts that Hue will have the most success among them.

How do you think Hue will do as the head coach/offensive coordinator of the Cleveland Browns?

[Photo via AP Images]