‘Can You Find 9 Bands From The 90s’ Puzzle: The Answers You May Have Missed

Can you find nine bands from the 90s?

That was the question that was asked within a now-viral puzzle that recently made waves on Facebook.

Within the comic illustration titled, “Picture This,” viewers were asked to find nine bands from the 90s within the actual drawing. As seen from the illustration, there were no words, album covers or band photos used to easily identify each hidden band. Therefore, in order to successfully find the nine bands, you have to pay close attention to the actual drawings themselves.

Instead of listing band names or other word clues, the “Can You Find 9 Bands from the 90s” puzzle creator apparently decided to use the drawings within the picture as the clues.

Can You Find 9 Bands

What are the answers? How do you find the nine bands featured in this puzzle?

The following is a list of each band name along with the corresponding picture clue used to represent the band.


Towards the upper left corner of the “Can You Find 9 Bands” puzzle, there is a man with a radio for a head. He seems to be slightly confused and looking down at the ground while scratching his “head.” The fact that he has a radio for a head makes it apparently clear that he represents Radiohead. However, pay attention to where he is looking to find the second clue.


The man with a radio on his head is looking at a deep hole in the ground. When you look at the rest of the picture, you may notice that there is no other hole anywhere in sight, meaning that this particular hole must have special meaning in the illustration. As a clue, the hole in the ground represents the second band listed — Hole, led by singer (and Empire actress) Courtney Love.


In the center of the picture, there is a young girl with a headband and long hair that appears to be chained. She is not chained to anything in particular — like a chain or even one of the trees in the background. She is simply just bound in chains all by herself. If you pay attention to the way that she is drawn, though, you may notice that she looks a little familiar. This is because she was apparently animated to look just like Alice from the classic Disney movie, Alice in Wonderland — confirming that the clue is representing Alice in Chains.


To the left of the “Alice in Chains” clue, there is a collection of musical notes neatly arranged on the ground. Perhaps you may recognize the layout on the ground as being a well-maintained garden area. However, instead of fruits and vegetables, this garden is apparently growing musical notes or sounds — confirming that the clue is representing Soundgarden, the popular rock band led singer Chris Cornell.


At the bottom of the “Can You Find 9 Bands” puzzle, there are two pumpkins that look crushed and damaged. That is primarily because Alice from the “Alice in Chains” clue is smashing the pumpkins with her feet — confirming that this clue represents the popular rock band Smashing Pumpkins, which was led and co-founded by frontman Billy Corgan.

Can You Find 9 Bands


One of the easiest clues in the “Can You Find 9 Bands from the 90s?” puzzle is the wooden board with the nails sticking out of it. There are no numbers or measurements provided to specify the length of these two nails. However, quite a few people that participated in solving the puzzle agreed that this clue represented the popular band Nine Inch Nails led by Oscar-winning musician Trent Reznor.


On the table directly behind the wooden board with the “Nine Inch Nails” clue are two seemingly out-of-place items. A small box, which appears to be a matchbox, has the number “20” printed in Roman numerals. There is also a slice of bread with a special type of jam spread on it. What makes this particular type of jam so special? The jam apparently has small pearls inside of it — confirming yet another clue for the “Can You Find 9 Bands” puzzle.


The last clue seemed to stump quite a few people. However, if you pay attention to the behavior of the trees in the upper-right corner, the clue will basically “scream” at you. That’s right! The two trees are screaming — confirming that the ninth band in the puzzle is Screaming Trees, led by vocalist Mark Lanegan.

Most of these bands originated in the mid-to-late 1980s, but they hit their stride and achieved most of their success throughout the 1990s. If you were stumped by the “Can You Find 9 Bands from the 90s?” puzzle, rest assured in knowing that you were not alone.

[Image Credit: Facebook & Dollar Photo Club]