Zayn Malik Holds On As Gigi Hadid’s Fat Cat Dad Gets Claws Out

Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid are a beloved couple to many of their fans — even though it has never been confirmed that they are actually a romantic couple. However, while Zayn Malik cuddles a kitten on social media and Gigi Hadid struts in menswear, her father, Mohamed Hadid, may be preparing to halt a business-related tsunami in February.

While business is not as usual for Mohamed, Gigi Hadid has taken the relationship she has with Zayn Malik and cats to the next level. Capital FM recently made a point that they want Zayn Malik to work on his new solo work — and they want to see more of the cats he is pictured with on Instagram.

Around January 2, Zayn Malik was posed on social media with a cat to “tease” fans, according to the Mirror. Nevertheless, this cat is new, and before Zayn Malik was in her life, Gigi Hadid was photographing with another striped kitten as early as June 15, 2015, according to the Observer.

Naturally, these two kittens are not to be confused with the cat Perrie Edwards and Zayn Malik were holding around November 2013. The Metro claimed they were “practising for parenthood” with the new kitten — but as we know, Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards were eventually on the road to breaking up instead.

Gigi Hadid's dad is friends with Snoop Dogg.
As it appears, “Chloe Hadid” is the kitten that is frequently tweeting about Gigi Hadid and posing with Zayn Malik — and she is striped. In fact, Gigi Hadid created a Twitter account for Chloe, called @BieberHadid, while the name of the kitten from around January 1 that was cuddling Zayn Malik is still unknown.

When she is not hanging out with Zayn Malik or petting Chloe, Gigi Hadid is making modeling look like an easy job — even when she is wearing menswear.

Style News reports on January 15 that Zayn Malik needs to watch out because Gigi Hadid might start borrowing his clothes — especially if they are baggy trousers.

Sadly, Gigi Hadid’s days of chilling out with Zayn Malik and Chloe may be winding down, because she may have more family drama to deal with — if her father needs her to help him save the business world in Morocco.

While Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik have not been spending every minute together because her mom is dealing with divorce and possible Lyme disease flare-ups, her father, Mohamed Hadid, is facing a showdown concerning a major business venture in Morocco.

In the past, Mohamed Hadid has dealt with nasty legal issues which can be expected from a real estate mogul with an estimated $200 million in wealth. For example, People says Zayn Malik’s rumored paramour-in-law sued an ex-employee for stealing photos of Gigi Hadid with Michael Jackson.

Gigi Hadid had photos of her with Michael Jackson stolen.
Mohamed Hadid was also involved in scandals surrounding the “illegal” size of his Bel Air home (in the same city of Los Angeles where Zayn Malik currently resides), according to TMZ.

Despite this, Tel Quel states that the rumors found surrounding the Hadids and Zayn Malik are nothing compared to the upcoming February meeting of Mohamed Hadid’s business interest: Maghreb Steel in Morocco.

According to Google’s translation from French to English, on January 15 it was announced that Mohamed Hadid was the main person that would save Maghreb Steel from financial ruin to the tune of millions (or even billions) of dollars.

To keep Maghreb Steel from falling in the scrap heap, Gigi Hadid’s dad will take over as representative of all the “bondholders” on February 19 and start the hard work of restructuring the company’s debt.

What is interesting is that Gigi Hadid’s dad appears to be a very intelligent businessman, but the tabloids make it look like Zayn Malik is dating a homeless family with a money hemorrhaging problem.

For example, Hollywood Take wrote on December 23, 2015, “Whether or not he’s found guilty, Mohamed Hadid will have to spend money to fight these charges. But so far, his potential money problems have not curtailed his spending habits.”

While Gigi Hadid’s father is saving the nuts and bolts of Morocco’s steel industry and battling it out with Bel Air authorities over his mega-mansion, she has been taking his real estate mogul lead by shopping for an apartment in NYC with Zayn Malik, according to Harper’s Bazaar.

Although rumors have not been confirmed, some are hopeful that Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik will be sharing a home in NYC. This is especially true since Gigi Hadid has been trying to sell her own NYC apartment for over six months, as previously reported by the Inquisitr.

[Photo by Randy Brook/Stringer/Getty Images]