David Crowley: New Details Emerge About Army Vet Who Executed Muslim Wife, Daughter — Smeared ‘Allahu Akbar’ In Blood On Wall [Photos]

Minnesota police have released new disturbing details and closed the case involving David Crowley, 29, believed to have shot and killed his wife Komel, 28, and their 5-year-old daughter Raniya, before shooting himself in the head in their Apple Valley suburban home in December 2014.

Police believe that Crowley may have killed his family and then shot himself in the head after he “snapped” under financial and work-related pressure

A shocked neighbor discovered the decomposing bodies of the family by looking into the house through the windows about three weeks after the shootings were thought to have occurred.

Collin Prochnow told reporters that he went to the house when he noticed that Christmas and New Years presents for the family were left at the door untouched over the holiday season.

Neighbors Alice and Bill Hixson, who said they had often seen Crowley playing with their daughter in the yard, described the incident as a “grisly and gruesome thing.”

The shootings are believed to have occurred a day before Christmas. Relatives confirmed they had not seen the family over the Christmas and New Year holidays. Neighbors said presents left at the door of the family’s house remained unopened and untouched.

Crowley’s parents and sister admitted that they had not been communicating regularly with the family in the months before the tragedy because the family distanced itself.

According to Crowley’s sister, Komel had written her, saying the family was dealing with “deeply personal issues” and wanted to work out the issues “silently as adults, as lovers, as partners and parents.”

Describing the scene when police entered the house, Apple Valley Police Chief Jon Rechtzigel, said, “It was just a gruesome scene that anybody who came in contact with had to face. You had this terrible loss of life — an entire family wiped out, three people.”

The decomposing bodies had been torn open and half eaten by the hungry family dog who was still alive when police entered the house.

Following the incident, conspiracy theorists claimed that the family’s death was suspicious because David Crowley had been working on a movie about the government using troops to take over the country, enforce the “New World Order” and incarcerate people in concentration camps.

But police denied that any one had entered the house and killed the family. Police Chief Rechtzigel said that after a year of exhaustive investigation police believe Crowley had “snapped” and murdered his family before shooting himself.

Pioneer Press (TwinCities.com) obtained a report that gives details of police reconstruction of what happened in the house.

According to police, David Crowley wrote the words “Allahu Akbar” in blood on the wall in their home. He probably used the blood of his murdered wife and daughter to write the Arabic phrase on the wall.

'Allahu akbar' smeared on the wall
Police investigators believe the writing was a “parting shot” reference to his Pakistani wife’s background. Komel was raised a Muslim in her native Pakistan. She met Crowley in Texas when he was serving with the Army. She converted to Christianity after they married.

Rechtzigel told Pioneer Press that the writing on the wall appeared a “last little shot by him, a sarcastic thing aimed at (Komel’s) Muslim past.”

Investigators found a Koran left open to a page that contained a prayer for forgiveness of the dead, and a notebook with the words “submit to Allah” scrawled on it.

Police evidence photo
Investigating officers also found a laptop with the message, “I have loved you all with all my heart.”

The floor of the kitchen was covered in bloody footprints believed to be Crowley’s.

Crowley had been working on a documentary film titled “Gray State: The Rise,” based on the theme of “New World Order” conspiracy theories that claim an imminent imposition of martial law, inauguration of a police state and incarceration of dissenters in FEMA concentration camps (see video below).

“He was in a very dark place. He had a lot of stressors on him and was working on a very dark topic — basically about the fall of society and FEMA troops taking over the U.S.,” Rechtzigel said.

It appears that Crowley, who kept 10 guns — obtained legally — in his home, and had served in Iraq and Afghanistan, may have suffered undiagnosed post-traumatic stress disorder. He went berserk soon after he lost his financial backers and hope of fulfilling his dream to complete the film.

In an email written about a week before the shootings, he reportedly told a friend — Los Angeles filmmaker Jason Allen — that he had lost nearly all financial backers for the movie.

He complained about feeling “exhausted from carrying and managing this burden for so many years.”

Investigators said his wife, who was self-employed as a Registered Dietician Nutritionist, had been providing for the family, and Crowley had apparently been under severe financial stress.

“Our hope was that we’d find a note or something, and we didn’t. There was nothing there that would give an indication about his state of mind.”

Troubles with the film, which he had reportedly been working on obsessively for many years, were an added psychological burden it appears he was unable to bear.

Despite evidence that he was under considerable stress, there was nothing in his online journal that indicated he was about to commit such gruesome murders, according to police.

[Image via NY Daily News/Instagram]