Kelly Clarkson on Perez being hit: I’m surprised it hadn’t happened before

Kelly Clarkson has weighed in (no pun intended) on the Perez Hilton drama by saying that she is surprised Perez hadn’t been hit before.

Clarkson said in an interview (video below) that as much as she doesn’t condone violence, Perez had it coming. Clarkson went on to note that given Perez is mean to kids like Miley Cyrus, no one will be upset by him being hit.

“You’re mean to children! No one’s going to pity you” said Clarkson. “I do not think violence is the answer, but what do you expect? I’m surprised it hasn’t happened already…I’m thinking how much did pay his manager to do that?”

Here’s the interview:

(via PopCrunch)