Louis Tomlinson: ‘Babygate’ Just Took Another Very Bizarre Turn

Louis Tomlinson is reportedly set to become a father for the first time at some point in the next few week. One Direction star Louis is reported to have gotten L.A. Stylist Briana Jungwirth pregnant after the briefest of relationships last spring, and according to numerous reports, baby Tomlinson’s arrival should be imminent. It may be that Louis is headed for fatherhood, but information has been hard to come by during the entire saga of baby Tomlinson.

Louis and Briana have both been very tight lipped about the whole thing between them Tomlinson and Jungwirth have said a total of 11-words about the bay Tomlinson story since the Sun broke the news back in July of last year. Their silence has fuelled an avalanche of rumor and speculation about the whole story. Frankly, many of Tomlinson’s fans think the whole story stinks worse than last week’s fish.

This week has seen a raft of new claims about Louis and baby Tomlinson, most of which have attempted to claim that Tomlinson is treating Briana badly. Life & Style claimed earlier this week that Louis had bought Briana a load of IKEA furniture and left her to assemble the flatpacks herself. It seems that some people are determined to paint Tomlinson as a “deadbeat dad.” Interestingly, the same story claimed that one of Jungwirth’s friends says that Jungwirth sees Louis as a “meal ticket” and that she believes that she could receive $58,000 a month from Tomlinson.

Yesterday saw the whole baby Tomlinson story take a bizarre new twist. It seems that Jungwirth’s mother made her Instagram account public for a short period of time, and made the post below that purportedly shows Jungwirth displaying her baby belly. The account was set back to private just a few minutes after the snap was posted.

As Sugarscape reports, the picture clearly shows a heavily pregnant woman who looks set to give birth, but interestingly, all may not be as it seems. Many of Tomlinson’s fans are asking why the picture was posted at all, and why the shot cuts off the pregnant woman’s head. A picture showing Briana’s face would surely have gone some way to proving that she is, indeed, pregnant. Instead, the picture has led to claims that it doesn’t show Briana at all. Many of Louis’ fans think the shot may in fact be of Briana’s cousin.

Over the Christmas period, another shot of Briana’s baby bump made its way across social media. This one does appear to show Jungwirth, but many believe that the odd shape of the bump does not add up, especially when compared to the image below, also reportedly taken over Christmas, which appears to show a total absence of a baby bump.

Many of Louis’ fans are convinced that the whole baby Tomlinson story is a PR disaster. It may, of course, be that Tomlinson wants to ensure that Briana and baby Tomlinson are allowed as much privacy as is possible, but the continued silence serves only to increase rumor and speculation. Tomlinson could easily kill the rumors by having a visibly pregnant Jungwirth at his side whilst he confirms he is headed for fatherhood. He chooses not to do so.

Of course, if this week’s headlines are anything to go by, Tomlinson may well be headed for a legal battle and choosing to say nothing until paternity is proven. Many of Louis’ fans believe that Louis is staying silent, because there is doubt as to whether he is the father. Others believe that the whole baby Tomlinson story is a misguided PR stunt. Many will scoff at the idea that the whole thing is a stunt, but Tomlinson’s people are not above pulling a PR stunt.

Steve Brookstein, the first winner of Simon Cowell’s X-Factor claims in his book that Syco wanted to run a false story in the Sun saying that was to marry. If Brookstein’s claims are true, is it really so far-fetched to believe that Syco are behind a stunt involving Louis Tomlinson?

In the meantime, Louis Tomlinson’s fans wait patiently to see how the baby Tomlinson story plays out.

[Photo by Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images]