‘Real Housewives Of Orange County’ Star Tamra Judge Goes Ballistic On Her Ex Simon Barney’s New Fiancée

Tamra Judge’s feud with ex-husband Simon Barney has officially entered new territory. The Real Housewives of Orange County star recently took shots at Barney’s new fiancée, Catushia Ienni, in the midst of an ongoing custody battle. Apparently, Judge’s biggest problem with Ienni centers on her relationship with Judge’s daughter, Sidney Barney.

According to Radar Online, things heated up after Judge blasted Ienni for trying to tell her how to raise her own daughter.

“My ex’s ‘girlfriend’ writes me notes on my daughter’s homework telling me what MY daughter needs to do. Like I’m a moron,” Judge stated. “I so bad want to say STFU and have your own kids. But I don’t … it’s called boundaries. It’s great to have an involved step parent. But know your boundaries … b***h.”

Following Judge’s outburst, Ienni finally broke her silence and attempted to clarify her actions. “The homework notes is something I occasionally have to do to relay information back to her. We don’t have a relationship where I could call or text her, I wish we did,” Ienni told the outlet. “Unfortunately we don’t have a healthy co-parenting relationship, mainly because of Tamra’s actions.”

Judge’s daughter recently decided to live with Barney instead of remaining with her mother in Orange County. Ever since then, Ienni explained how communicating with Judge has been difficult. In fact, according to Enstarz, Ienni revealed that she had to resort to writing on Sidney’s homework in order to keep the Real Housewives of Orange County star informed about daily tasks.

For her part, Judge continued to bash her ex-husband’s fiancée and brought up an incident that occurred during her daughter’s back to school night. Apparently, Judge was forced to stand while Ienni enjoyed a proper seat in her daughter’s class, which did not go over well with Judge.

Tamra and her new husband Eddie Judge [Image via Bravo]
“My ex’s gf sat in my daughter’s classroom seat at back to school night and I had to stand in the corner. BEYOND BULL***T!” Judge exclaimed. “I’m married to Eddie and he has enough respect to stay home! I deal with this kind of crap all the time. It’s heart breaking.”

In response, Ienni stated that the incident happened over a year ago, and that Judge had not showed up to a school event in over four years. Taking this into consideration, Ienni did not expect Judge to be present at the event.

“So as usual, we figured she wouldn’t be showing up, considering when we got there she wasn’t there. She ended up showing up 45 minutes late,” Ienni stated. “This was the first time she showed up in four years and I would assume it was because she was going through the custody battle with Simon. Other than that, she’s never shown up to any conferences or school functions until that night.”

Despite the back and forth between the two women, Ienni went on to claim that she is not seeking any kind of attention. Furthermore, Ienni expressed her desire that Judge stop bringing her up to the media and that her only wish is that the reality star leave her and Barney “alone and out of her public life.”

Tamra Judge also feuded with her former bestie Vicki Gunvalson over Brooks Ayers last season. [Image via Bravo]
Considering the nature of Judge’s relationship with Barney and how the two have fought each other for years over the custody of their daughter, Ienni’s wishes are not likely to be answered any time soon. If anything, Ienni should expect Judge to issue another round of comments following her own.

In the meantime, fans can expect to watch the drama surrounding Judge to spill over into the next season of the Real Housewives of Orange County, which is set to air on Bravo later in 2016.

[Image via Bravo]