Liam Payne Reveals New Song, Complete With Kanye West-ish Brand Name Drop

Liam Payne is known to be a fan of Kanye West. When Noel Gallagher attacked the One Direction guys and pretty much the whole popular music industry last year, the Oasis member added a caveat that Kanye is “all right,” as reported by Daily Mail.

“You watch [Kanye] on the MTV Awards and you think, ‘You can f**king stay, you’re alright.'”

When Liam eventually shot back, calling Noel “sad,” he also revealed his love for Kanye.

Liam said, “Oasis are great. I just wish sometimes they’d pipe down… There’s no point. He ripped off half the industry for no reason, and then loved Kanye West. I love Kanye West as much as the next man, but there’s no need to diss poor Adele.”

Now Liam has revealed a teaser for his new song, and the influence of the rap superstar can arguably be heard.

Kanye peppered Watch the Throne, his excellent 2011 album with Jay-Z, with luxury car and brand references, notably the lyric “Driving Benzes with no benefits/Not bad, huh? For some immigrants,” on “Otis.”

There was also a nod to Gucci and to cult Belgian fashion house Margiela on the song “N***as In Paris.””

“What’s Gucci my n***a?
What’s Louis my killa?
What’s drugs my deala?
What’s that jacket, Margiela?”

The sound of Liam’s new track is more Jason Derulo-ish than Kanye or Jay-Z, with a light, sexy R&B vibe. It sounds like it could appear on a One Direction album in about three years should the band make an abrupt turn with their sound right now and begin with urban music experimentation. Perhaps they could even lure Zayn Malik back if they did this — the Bradford Bad Boy complained to Fader that he was not allowed to sing anything “even a little bit R&B” in 1D. What’s more, Liam revealed just yesterday that he wouldn’t mind welcoming Zayn back, reported the Daily Mail.

The lyrics of Liam’s new track are where the Kanye vibe comes through. A Kanye influence can be heard when Liam compares his woman’s moves to the swerves of a well-designed racing car that can change lanes at the drop of a hat. Liam name-drops the Bugatti, a racing car brand with a slew of Grand Prix victories and a 1956 Formula One glory to its name.

At least no one can criticize Liam for trying to make some cash during the hiatus by slipping an endorsement into his song. Bugatti is now defunct, although the name is thought to be owned by Volkswagen, who are still active.

Nice move, Liam. Perhaps the Kanye-loving Wolverhampton hunk remembers the criticism Jay-Z and Kanye received in 2011 for boasting of their wealth and sprinkling the wonderful Watch the Throne album with luxury brand references so soon after the global financial crisis that crippled middle America.

Kanye’s new song “Facts” is said to be “basically an Adidas ad.” And while Kanye may be able to get away with this, the 1D guys are probably eager to distance themselves from accusations that they are a money-making machine or a “brand” rather than a band. The group were put together on The X Factor, and while young music-lovers have embraced One Direction and powered them to the top of the music charts through the very non-centralized, non-corporate method of social media sharing, the stigma about “manufactured music” is very much alive among Generation X-ers, people who grew up listening to indie rock and hearing the term “sellout” tossed around as the ultimate insult.

In other Liam news, the One Direction hunk has stated to paps and reporters that the One Direction guys will be back after their break. This follows a spate of rumors that the guys will break up, started yesterday by Us Weekly.

Fans still recovering from the fact that Liam shaved off his celebrated quiff will be happy to hear that the breakup story is totally bogus.

What do you think of Liam’s new track?

[Photo by Joel Ryan/Invision/AP]