One Direction Fan Projects Support Sick Kids And Tackle Bullying

One Direction fans are a feisty group. Famously loyal to One Direction and to Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, and Liam Payne, fans are often called out for their sometimes over-the-top reactions to anything that disrespects One Direction. Sadly, the incredible efforts that fans put into supporting One Direction is often overlooked, and positive stories about the One Direction fandom are often overlooked. As was recently reported in Inquisitr adult fans of One Direction are all too often virtually invisible to the media.

One Direction’s fans do not get enough credit for the incredible lengths they go to in supporting charities favored by the various members of One Direction. The Inquisitr recently reported on the charitable efforts of 1D Fans Give a fan group that runs charity drives and has to date raised almost $170,000 to support a variety of causes. That group has another drive on at present in honor of Harry Styles birthday on February 1. The current drive is aiming to raise $22,000 for one of Harry’s favorite charities, London-based Switchboard, an LGBTQ helpline. To date, over $20,000 has been raised.

It was also recently reported in Inquisitr that a group called One Direction NDA [No Drama Allowed] won an Extra Smile award from Cybersmile for their anti-cyber-bullying project.

Now another fan group has emerged that aims to combine all three elements of the One Direction fan initiatives mentioned above. A group One Direction fans have created an adult fan project that aims to raise funds for charity whilst giving adult One Direction fans a safe space to discuss One Direction and their music.

The Dark and Dirty Crew adult fan project was created with two main goals in mind, to unite all adult One Direction fans, and to create a way to show 1D pride while giving back.

Brittany Moore from the project says that adult One Direction fans are a vital part of fandom that often gets overlooked and dismissed but that they do matter.

“Adult One Direction fans are all so different, but we all unite behind one thing: One Direction. For many of us, 1D and fandom exists as an escape and a chance to participate in something larger than ourselves and our versions of life. We love the band and enjoy fandom and all it brings, which for many of us, is lifelong friendships, hope and love.”

With that in mind, DDCAFP created an adult fan registry where fans are able to find other adult fans, make connections, and realize that they are not alone.

The project is currently running a charity drive on behalf of the Eden Dora Trust, a charity close to Louis Tomlinson’s heart that supports children affected by Encephalitis and Acquired Brain Injury. The group hopes to raise $10,000 through donations and the sale of specially designed T-shirts. All profits from the sales of merchandise will go directly to the Eden Dora Trust.

One has to wonder why some sections of the media are so quick to slam One Direction fans. No one should support the actions of those who tarnish the good name of millions of One Direction fans. That is why, on a day when the Mirror reports that some One Direction fans posted vile comments to a TV presenter, it is important to remember that badly behaved fans are a tiny minority.

Projects of the sort mentioned here show that One Direction fans do care deeply about others. By supporting these One Direction fan projects, fans are following the lead set by One Direction’s members in supporting charities for those who are affected by childhood illness that is often life-changing or terminal.

One Direction fans have proven time and again that they have huge hearts. A few rogue elements in the One Direction fandom should not overshadow the good work done by many.

[Photo by Eduardo Verdugo/AP]