‘Twilight’ Star Robert Pattinson Feuding With Harry Potter Daniel Radcliff Over FKA Twigs?

Robert Pattinson and Daniel Radcliffe have been friends ever since starring together in the Harry Potter franchise. However, after being close friends over the years the two are apparently calling it quits. Out of all the possible things that could have come between the two stars, they have seemingly gone their separate ways over issues with their current girlfriends.

An inside source recently told OK! Magazine that Pattinson and Radcliffe have tried to make things work, but neither enjoy spending time with their friend’s significant other. While this is not something that is particularly out of the ordinary, the situation between the Harry Potter alums goes deeper than a simple disapproval.

Radcliffe and his current girlfriend, Erin Darke, have been going strong together for three years now. For his part, Pattinson and Twigs have been dating since 2014, with Pattinson popping the big question in early 2015. Despite their plans to marry, Pattinson and Twigs have yet to officially tie the knot.

Although Pattinson and Radcliffe are feuding over their girlfriends, things did not start out that way. “Rob’s tried introducing Daniel to Twigs a few times, but to say it’s an awkward vibe is an understatement of epic proportions,” the insider revealed.

Apparently, Pattinson and Radcliffe’s issues go beyond not getting along with each other’s girlfriends. Not only does Radcliffe believe that Pattinson’s fianc√© is “a first class witch who’s sucking the life out of Rob,” but the former Twilight star does not approve of Darke.

Robert Pattinson and Daniel Radcliff in 'Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.' [Image via Warner Bros]
In fact, the source revealed that Pattinson “has a pretty low opinion” of Radcliffe’s lover. This back and forth between the two has taken a huge toll on their friendship, despite their history of working together.

With the two squabbling over their disapproval of relationships, their friendship is reportedly over. Not only that, the insider went on to reveal that Pattinson is making steps to cut ties with any of friends who do not agree with his relationship with Twigs.

“Rob’s so sick of his friends criticizing Twigs and has made an example out of Daniel by cutting him off,” the source stated, noting that Pattinson has also taken things a step further.

Not only is Pattinson cutting off communication with Radcliffe, but he is also ending a potential collaboration between the two. According to the source, Pattinson and Radcliffe were planning on working with each other in an upcoming film, however, it now appears as though “all bets are off.”

According to Enstarz, this is not the first time Pattinson’s love life has been under scrutiny. In fact, Pattinson was at the center of speculation during his tumultuous relationship with Twilight alum Kristen Stewart.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart [Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]
While Stewart and Pattinson tried to keep a low profile, rumors swirled about their relationship, much like Pattinson’s current relationship with Twigs. In the end, Pattinson and Stewart decided to break up following reports that Stewart had cheated on him with one of her directors. Whether or not Pattinson is doomed to the same fate with Twigs is still to be seen.

So far, Pattinson has stood by Twigs despite all of the rumors that have surfaced and the delays in their wedding plans. While the two get ready to plan for their upcoming wedding, the verdict is still out if Pattinson and Twigs can remain together, especially if more of his friends start to defect.

At this time, neither Pattinson nor Radcliffe have officially commented on the matter. At the same time, it is not known which film the two were planning collaborating on together and whether those plans have officially been tossed out.

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