Hair-Raising Burglary: $230K Of Natural Extensions Stolen In Chicago

Robert Jonathan

The city of Chicago (Barack Obama's political home base) is in the midst of a horrendous crime wave. In fact, there have been more murders in Chicago this year than U.S. troop deaths in Afghanistan. But it now appears that the Windy City might not be safe for humans and...human hair extensions.

Crooks busted into a beauty supply store Mission Impossible-style from an empty adjacent business in the middle of the night and robbed six duffel bags of natural hair extensions apparently worth $230,000.

Don Shin, the owner of the 35th Street Beauty Supply who lost his inventory in the robbery, today commented that "They knew what they were doing. They didn't take any of the cheap stuff."

Shin also owns the adjacent vacant store, which he had been renovating as the future home of his expanding business, but hadn't installed alarms in that structure yet.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the culprits burrowed their way through the wall and entered Shin's shop and then "the thieves crawled along the floor to evade motion detectors before ripping the wiring out of the alarm system."

Shin added that the stolen hair care merchandise is highly valuable because "real hair extensions have been steadily going up in price as their popularity keeps increasing," and that he expects the criminals will try to sell the extensions on the street or to other salons, which could tip off the Chicago police.

Did you have any idea that human hair extensions would have an in-demand street value like other forms of contraband?