Where Is Noah Chamberlin? Tennessee Boy Missing For More Than Two Days

Tennessee child Noah Chamberlin disappeared over two days ago, after he reportedly wandered away while on a walk with his grandmother and his four-year-old sister. The two-year-old boy’s disappearance has inspired an extensive search, along with the attention of numerous people on social media. While authorities continue looking for the child, many are wondering where could he possibly be?

New York Daily News reports that the two-year-old Tennessee child disappeared in a rural area encompassing approximately 600 acres of dense forestry. Over the course of the past two days, multiple bodies of water have been searched, along with the heavily wooded area surrounding where he was last seen. Still, no sighting has been made, along with no evidence behind where he may have gone.

Prayer’s going out to this poor baby. Help him be safe and find his way home!! One of gods angels is lost. Keep your eyes open for him!!! And pray he needs all the praying he and his family can get!!!

Posted by Donna M Rizzo on Saturday, January 16, 2016

Authorities say that they do not suspect foul play in the disappearance of Noah Chamberlin. There is also no evidence indicating that the two-year-old tot had been injured. WBBJ News reported that authorities are hopeful that the Tennessee boy will be found alive in the wooded area where he has been missing for more than 48 hours.

While authorities search for the little boy, they are also getting members of the community involved by having them check their properties for signs of the missing child. Residents are being asked to check crawlspaces, sheds and vehicles for signs of Noah Chamberlin. So far, nobody has come forward with anything of interest in regards to the search. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation sent out a tweet letting residents know that they need the help.


Authorities have also publicly declared that they believe Noah’s grandmother and other family members are cooperating with the investigation. Authorities have also acknowledged that there are a lot of rumors circulating on social media. Law enforcement is recommending that these rumors be ignored while they continue to do their jobs to safely find Noah and bring him home.

Two-year-old Noah Chamberlin stands at approximately two-feet-tall and weighs approximately 28 lbs. He has b londe hair and blue eyes. Anyone with any information which may be useful to investigators is encouraged to contact the TBI at 1-800-TBI-FIND. Any sighting or potential evidence could lead to the discovery of Noah Chamberlin, or could lead authorities to finding out what may have happened to him.

[Image by TBI via Twitter]