Royal Prince Charles And Catherine Zeta-Jones Had A ‘Saucy’ Fling?

Woohoo! And royal watchers thought being #cleanforthequeen was the hottest news as of late, but the news about the “saucy” affair of Prince Charles and Catherine Zeta-Jones is definitely juicier that any government program gone wrong on Twitter. Though Prince Charles was running around with Catherine Zeta-Jones before her married Camilla, it was still while he was still married to Princess Diana.

The #Cleanforthequeen debacle is still hot news, because U.K. citizens are still ruffled by the fact that they are being told to “tidy up” for the birthday of Queen Elizabeth. According to the Inquisitr, the folks of England are asking questions like “should I dump feces of the palace doorstep instead?” Others are asking if some of her “useless children or grandchildren” should be the ones to start cleaning up. The Brits sure like to put their tongues firmly in their cheeks.

New Zealand Stuff posted the information on a sight of royals dish, and the buzz started, well buzzing.

“The pair hit it off. For almost two years, the couple saw each other once a week.”

The information was accompanied by a photo of the couple looking friendly.

“Check out his hands… I love the royal family, but he is being a little saucy.”

Charles used to, and still watches Mask of Zorro, often, and still calls it one of his favorite films.

Mask of Zorro is not exactly high art, but it does seem to be a sign that the Prince had the hots for Zeta-Jones.

The New Zealand Herald says that Prince Charles gave the actress several very pricey gifts.

“It was a turbulent time. In a time of tabloids, but not internet, and certainly not social media, the royal family was being knocked around by all kinds of cheating between Prince Charles and Camilla while Diana was hooking up with James Hewitt. In 1992, Charles needed to not be seen with Camilla,” the source wrote.

It seems, according to the Sunday Express, that Queen Elizabeth told Prince Charles to “cool it off” with his long time mistress Camilla Parker-Bowles, so he found comfort will another hyphenate, Zeta-Jones. Meanwhile, Princess Diana was hooking up with James Hewitt, who was long suspected of being Prince Harry’s ginger father.

And so he pursued the Welsh actress, who was disentangling herself from her boyfriend, the then Blue Peter presenter John Leslie. Zeta-Jones had long been a fantasy of the Prince.

And speaking of the ginger Prince Harry, the rumor is still going strong that he is snogging Pippa Middleton, the sister of Princess Kate, according to the Inquisitr.

“At one point, Kate went to check her make-up and found them snogging in a bathroom,” a source, referred to by the publication as an “insider,” reportedly said. Kate was, the magazine adds, quite unhappy about the incident.

And the same source says that the two have always had chemistry.

“There’s always been sexual tension between them, even when they were dating other people,” a source who claims to know the feelings and motivations of the two Brits told the magazine.

Supposedly, Pippa slinked over to Prince Harry’s flay, and he cooked her a pasta dinner.

“I think Harry could do better than using pasta carbonara and Adele songs to woo Pippa, but it is fun to imagine.”

[Photo courtesy of Chris Jackson/Getty Images]