January 17, 2016
Oklahoma Women Allegedly Tortured Child For Months

Two Oklahoma women are accused of torture in a case of horrific child abuse, but are still taking to the crowdfunding site GoFundMe in hopes of garnering donations. News Talk 1290 reports that Rachel Jean Stevens and Kayla Ann Jones are in custody on charges associated with child neglect and child abuse. The details surrounding this case are shocking, and paint a picture of the alleged months-long torture of a five-year-old boy.

Tulsa World reports that authorities were alerted by staff at St. John Medical Center after the five-year-old victim was airlifted to the facility. The child had been transferred from a clinic in Muskogee in December due to the severity of the injuries he displayed. Staff observed numerous injuries, in varying stages of healing, on the battered child's small body. Staff also noted that the boy had suffered two strokes while he was being treated for his injuries.

The five-year-old victim told police that his mother and her girlfriend had been beating him. Authorities also observed evidence which indicates that the child had been bound and blindfolded with duct tape while he was locked in a room in the home inhabited by the Oklahoma women. The boy alleges that his mother, Rachel Jean Stevens, used a hammer to smash his hands. During this alleged incident, the child says that Kayla Ann Jones kicked him in the groin so hard that it made him bleed.

The five-year-old victim has reportedly suffered from various broken bones, along with numerous lesions and other signs of injury all over his body. The injuries he experienced also reportedly caused him to have multiple strokes and seizures. Fortunately, he is recovering -- and out of the custody of the two women accused of torturing him.

The boy's mother, when interviewed by authorities, admits that she did not seek medical attention for the lad after he had been injured. She admits that he had had multiple seizures.

This case is attracting a lot of attention on social media, with numerous people expressing disgust and outrage towards the two Oklahoma women accused of torturing the five-year-old child. Many are calling for the two to be given strict justice -- an eye for an eye -- in this horrifying case of child abuse. Meanwhile, the two women could face many years of imprisonment depending on how their trial goes.

Authorities have removed the boy from the custody of the two Oklahoma women, and have also removed at least two other young children from the home. It's being reported that the other children did not show any signs of abuse. The two other children have been interviewed by police in regards to the alleged abuse suffered by the unnamed victim.

Unfortunately, this is far from the only time a child has been abused by the people who should be caring for him or her. In some of these other cases, the children are not lucky enough to survive like the child in this latest case out of Oklahoma. Last year an Arizona couple were charged with first-degree murder after the death of their three-year-old daughter exhibited evidence of child abuse. The three-year-old girl not only showed signs of physical abuse and neglect, but she also showed signs of repeated sexual abuse. Authorities in Maricopa County say that the victim's weight was just 15 lbs. when her death sparked a murder investigation against her parents. She would have turned four-years-old not long after her death.

[Photo via the Tulsa Police mugshots]