WWE News: AJ Styles Has All But Confirmed He Will Make His WWE Debut At The ‘Royal Rumble’

We all know by now that WWE is close to signing former Bullet Club member out of NJPW, AJ Styles. Styles finished up his New Japan commitments a few weeks ago and still has a few independent dates set before he comes to WWE. Curiously, those independent dates end just days before WWE’s Royal Rumble PPV. Isn’t that interesting? On his way out of the independents, he is wrestling the likes of Rey Mysterio and Zack Sabre, Jr. just to name a few.

While AJ Styles is currently staying in the U.K. due to independent dates he has in the area, he will be done there soon and very well could be in the States within the next few weeks, especially the Orlando, Florida, area. The former TNA star has done his best not to give away his future plans or any plans a certain company already has in place for him. However, fans know already and we have seen them bait some things out of him.

He did a very good interview with What Culture recently where they asked him if he would be free to do any bookings on January 24, to which he responded with “sure.” While this may not seem like a big deal, that is the night of WWE’s annual Royal Rumble PPV which got the hosts giddy. Styles then addressed the rumors after an independent crowd literally chanted “Royal Rumble” at him.

AJ title win

He responded to them, saying, “I’ll tell you what… if I’m not recovering from some weird armbar submission and there’s a spot in the Royal Rumble… (fans chant “you deserve it”) I don’t deserve a thing, I don’t deserve you but I’ll tell you, if you put me in that Royal Rumble I’ll kick some a*s for you guys.”

This got the crowd to go wild. Of course Styles has been teasing fans regarding his debut, and it looks like people want to see him in the Rumble. While many people hate to not be surprised when it comes to wrestling nowadays, sometimes the surprise is okay to let out if fans truly want something that bad. Fans want to see AJ Styles make his WWE debut in the Royal Rumble match, and even though that seems obvious to happen, we need it to be done.

Yes, the obvious notion of him being present is there. However, we have to understand that even though it is obvious, it is also wanted.

For now, the teases are all we have to go on. AJ Styles is certainly not the only one teasing a potential WWE run for the Bullet Club and Shinsuke Nakamura. WWE has been talking it up on WWE.com and even talking with WWE talent who know them well including the likes of NXT Champion Finn Balor.

AJ TNA Title

Balor has been the ultimate tease in it all. At live events for WWE NXT, he has been using the signature Bullet Club taunt of pointing one’s finger at a person in gun form as if you will be shooting them. On top of this he has been wearing Bullet Club merchandise on social media and seems to be bringing up his friends from the club a lot in Doc Gallows and Karl Anderson without actually talking about them by name. Unless of course he is interviewed and asked about them.

When it comes to AJ Styles, the obvious dream match is there with him and Balor. Everyone wants to see the two leaders of Bullet Club go at it. There is really nothing else you need to set this match up. Besides, the two of them are absolutely incredible in the ring. The match they could put on whether it is on NXT or the main roster could go down as one of the best matches of all time if WWE allows it the proper time.

Whether this happens soon or not is up in the air. What we do know is that AJ Styles has gone from a tentative Rumble participant to an almost guaranteed Rumble participant. No WWE fan seems to be complaining about it either.

[Image via NJPW]