Amy Duggar, Dillon King Deny Anna Duggar Pregnancy Rumor Came From Them, Fight ‘Grifter’ Label

The former Amy Duggar and her husband Dillon King are denying that they’re the source of rumors about Anna Duggar’s fifth pregnancy. While the eldest son of the family of reality show stars reportedly sits in rehab for sex addiction, his cousin and her husband have started to take on the onslaught of social media criticism, which doesn’t stop at Josh or his parents, but extends to all who use the Duggar name as a claim to fame.

King has been arguing for much of this week that that label doesn’t apply to him. He’s not a Duggar, and says that marrying into the family “…doesn’t mean I don’t have a job.”

He isn’t stopping at that, though. He has engaged in arguments with several on social media who’ve asked him why, if he doesn’t mean to capitalize on his wife’s cousins’ fame, he and Amy have asked for donations, and for fans to talk TLC into supporting a wedding special for the couple. King denies being affected by the cancellation of 19 Kids And Counting.

Amy Duggar and Dilllon King say they're not affected by the show's cancellation
The Instagram post in which Dillon King is said to have broken the news no longer exists, but according to Radar Online, it was in July, and, after declaring disappointment in the lack of a wedding special, closed with a call to “voice your opinion to [the] network.”

Amy also posted on Instagram later, providing fans with an address to send “cards and etc.” and promising a hand-written letter for anyone who sent anything.

That’s not all King is denying though. The Duggar-in-law is responding to critical comments viewers posted weeks ago as well, and not all of the comments are about Amy and Dillon’s status, or lack thereof, as a “public figure.”

Dillon King, Amy Duggar: public figures
Duggar detractors commonly assume that any “source close to the family” must be Amy. When the news that Anna might be pregnant broke, it was no exception. The information comes from an unnamed “family insider,” and this week, a viewer, seeing that King was responding to comments, openly asked.

Not only does King deny that he and Amy are the source of tales of Anna’s purported pregnancy, but he also further says that they don’t even know if it’s true.

Amy Duggar and Dillon King deny that they told the news about Anna's pregnancy
He did admit that they’ve been the leak for some tales from the world of Duggar, though. This may have been an accidental slip — it was in the context of denying that he and Amy have been paid for information.

Amy Duggar Dillon King admit giving away family secrets
In a comment on a separate post, Dillon told another visitor to the page that his comments to the media have been taken out of context.

Amy Duggar, Dillon King: we were taken out of context!
King wasn’t explicit about what words were taken out of context, but the two have spoken rather openly a number of times. Us Weekly reports that he said Brad Paisley’s CMA joke mocking Josh Duggar’s cheating was the “best thing ever,” and Amy has posted that “penile fracture” could be caused by infidelity, that Josh’s scandals make her furious, and that she cut her Duggar cousin out of her life because he’s “too selfish to even realize” how many people he hurt with his actions. Most recently, in a blog post, Amy declared Josh Duggar a fraud.

“…the person I had known my entire life turned out to be a fraud, and a complete stranger.”

There is no shortage of direct statements from the couple expressing their feelings about the scandals surrounding the Duggar name.

It seems likely there will be more denials to come, though, since as of Friday, Dillon was still responding to posts on the King couple’s shared “public figure” Facebook page, arguing that he and Amy aren’t grifters and don’t seek free gifts.

Dillon King, Amy Duggar: we didn't ask for wedding freebies
He says that the bridal shop that gifted Amy with her dress, and Dillard’s, which threw the couple a bridal shower, both initiated contact — that he and Amy didn’t ask for anything. Dillon doesn’t mention whether this was before the news broke that the couple’s wedding wouldn’t be televised, and wouldn’t net the shops in question a little reality TV publicity.

[Image via Anna Duggar/Amy King Instagram]