An absolutely amazing Minority Report touchwall – today

As much as we may like to give advertising the cold shoulder when it comes to technology the fact is that it drives much of our growth in the tech world. A perfect example of this is the idea of those touchable and interactive computer walls in Minority Report. Today we have companies like Microsoft working on Surface but as well we also have a company like Schematic, the interactive agency responsible for those famous Minority Report advertising walls, who are bringing these ideas to fruition today.

For the 2009 Cannes Advertising Festival Schematic debuted their large multi-touch wall, a 12 foot by 5 foot display that provides a visual interactive display for the attendees to interact with. Using the wall which also includes RFID technology allowed the attendees to check the festival schedules, 3D venue maps, information on local attractions all with their hands.

This video gives you a 3 minute glimpse into what they have achieved so far.

Touchwall Demo from Joel on Vimeo.

Pretty incredible.

via Fast Company