Weight Loss Tips, 2016 Style: Thin Ice Insoles, Daily Weigh-Ins

When a brand new year rolls around, new weight loss tips tend to hit the web. One such weight loss tip involves daily weight tracking in order to stay on top of weight loss, reports the Daily Mail.

Whereas in the past, dieters were advised to only weigh themselves once per week to track their progress and not become obsessed with weight loss, new 2016 advice is counteracting those claims. According to Dr. Michael Mosley, the man behind the runaway popular 5:2 diet, those who want to experience success in their weight loss journeys should weigh themselves each day to keep those pounds down.

It’s a practice that the good doctor practices himself. Dr. Mosley says that once his weight starts creeping above around 168 pounds, he knows he needs to make a few changes to lose weight. After all, that’s the weight that helps him sleep better, not snore too loudly, and look great.

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Daily weigh-ins could be a valuable weight-loss tip for 2016, as long as a healthy perspective is used for such an endeavor. Besides, plenty of dietary changes can take place in one week, and weighing yourself only on Sundays, for example, won’t necessarily tell you what offending habit or food has caused a recent weight gain.

However, daily weigh-ins can help pinpoint an issue and nip it in the bud prior to it becoming a problem. If a person has a great cardio session with high intensity happiness, and combines it with weight-training and a protein brownie afterward – then learns the next day that such activities helped them drop a bit of weight and a part of a percentage point of fat, that’s a good thing. However, if someone else thinks that their daily consumption of 500-calorie grapefruit soaked in fruit juice is helping them lose weight – but instead learns the next day that it made them gain weight and body fat – that’s a habit that can be altered immediately, instead of waiting seven whole days or longer to figure out the weight loss faux pas.

Another unique weight-loss tip, as reported by Vogue, involves the “Thin Ice clothing and insoles” that tricks the body into thinking it is cold, and therefore helps it to lose weight. The Thin Ice, Inc., website explains how the process works to help with weight loss.

“Thin Ice weight-loss technology is integrated seamlessly into the clothing you [wear, which] helps produce weight-loss throughout the day. It does this by stimulating strategic parts of your body with cold temperatures. But don’t worry, this stimulation is so mild you won’t even notice after a few seconds of adapting. Think about a time when you’ve jumped into a pool and gotten a jolt of cold that almost instantly disappears. The same process is at play here.

“Your body detects these temperature changes with thermoreceptors which trick your body into thinking you are in a cold environment. Your body responds by creating heat in the core and sending warm blood around the body to cool down the chilled areas.

“The fuel for this laborious process is nearly pure body fat. So, by forcing your body to respond to cold-temperature stimulation throughout the day it, you’ll be able to burn fat without even thinking about it!”

The website raised nearly $600,000 for their IndieGoGo campaign, titled “Thin Ice: The Very First Weight-Loss Clothing Line.” The popularity of the theory that one can lose weight from wearing clothing and insoles that prompts weight loss is an apparently well-received idea.

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Along with the daily weigh-ins, the cold technology is gaining buzz in 2016. So are scales like the Under Armour scale shown above, which is Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled. The scale calculates both weight and body fat percentage, which is essential when a person’s weight changes due to muscle growth and fat loss.

[AP Photo/Mark Lennihan]