Little Mix Dissed By David Bowie Twice, Get Cheapest Concert Award

Lately, Little Mix has been overjoyed because they were nominated for two BRIT Awards, in addition to being asked to perform at the ceremony. However, Little Mix is also being nominated for being the cheapest show in town and David Bowie has temporarily knocked them out of the music game twice in the same week.

David Bowie was mourned by music lovers all over the world when he died on January 11, and Little Mix may have been mowed down in the music charts because of it.

Forbes wrote on January 16 that Little Mix didn’t have a chance as David Bowie ascended to number one in the BRITish music charts for his recent album Blackstar and Little Mix’s Get Weird stayed at number eight.

While Little Mix likely does not mind that a legend like David Bowie got ahead of them in the charts, they may have been expecting a surge in listeners because they were announced as BRIT Awards nominees.

David Bowie secured number one in the British charts and displaced Little Mix.

Newsweek states that in addition to Little Mix, Justin Bieber, Coldplay, and Adele will all be honored at the BRIT Awards that will take place February 24 at the O2 Arena in London.

Adding to this, Chronicle Live reported Little Mix is nominated for British Single of the Year and British Artist Video of the Year for their song “Black Magic.”

BRIT Awards organizers also announced news alongside their release about Little Mix performing.

“BRIT organizers have worked hard in recent years to shed the awards’ reputation as insular and party obsessed. And it seems to be working: The caliber of this year’s artists shows the award emerging as a respected accolade in the music industry.”

At the BRIT Awards website, voters can choose Little Mix or other nominees until the polls are closed on January 21.

Sadly, not everyone agrees that Little Mix is the best face of music in the U.K. — and these protesters are making waves in the British press. For example, Little Mix and other 2016 BRIT Awards nominees were slammed in an opinion piece by Noisey, as they stated the following.

“[T]he real problem with the modern incarnation of the BRIT Awards isn’t even the voters. It’s the [categorization] and the way it is shaped; the way it’s trapped in a cycle… It’s become bland because it is structurally incapable of representing the breadth of British music properly … they are all motivated by generic commercial success rather than form or style.”

In the meantime, Little Mix is being noted as the cheapest show around — if you are willing to travel. When Little Mix’s tour prices were evaluated by Forbes on January 10, they discovered that some of their international tour dates were downright affordable depending on which part of the U.K. Little Mix is playing in.

For example, if fans choose South Yorkshire to see Little Mix on their Get Weird Tour on April 23, the price is $77. If Little Mix fans show up for their March 14 concert in East Sussex (225 miles from South Yorkshire), the price is $229.

Interestingly, despite the recent music charts upset from David Bowie, Little Mix also outsold One Direction in 2015, according to the Chronicle Live. On January 5, they reported that Little Mix was number 11 on the British charts for selling the most records in 2015, while One Direction came in at number 14.

Unfortunately, Little Mix fans might expect a beef between the ladies and David Bowie. As it appears, Little Mix might not be performing at the David Bowie tribute at the BRIT Awards ceremony.

TV3 reported that “A David Bowie tribute is planned for 2016 BRIT Awards which could include Bono, Noel Gallagher, Adele, and Coldplay among musicians.”

Regardless, the BRIT Awards organizers said that “younger musicians” already playing at the ceremony (such as Ed Sheeran or Little Mix) would not be asked to participate in the David Bowie tribute band.

Little Mix has been dissed by the David Bowie tribute team, potentially

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