Do American Horror Story Ratings Impact The Show’s Quality?

Conde Naste Traveler published an article about the gentrification of the area around as well as the upgrades made on the Cecil Hotel, which the recent season of American Horror Story is based on.

American Horror Story hotel inspiration
In the same article, the owner of the Cecil Hotel says that the attention brought to it by American Horror Story‘s popularity will not last, allowing him to look at his business on a larger scale.

The popularity of the show — while it has been going strong — will eventually come to an end, as there are hardly any shows out there who are able to last as long as a show like The Simpsons, which is currently in season 27.

And very recently, The Inquisitr wrote about the potential changes to the longest running series over the latest episode, which aired over the weekend.

Even so, in an article by The Wall Street Journal shows that FX network, which carries the show, is concerned about deep pocket competition.

As a matter of fact, the referenced Inquisitr article about The Simpsons also refers to the streaming entertainment company Netflix, which is one of the companies the FX CEO is worried about, and in actuality — as the WSJ article points out — because FX lost a few shows to the monstrous entertainment brand.

This comes in light of the latest addition to the series, Lady Gaga, who recently took home a Golden Globe award. However, despite her addition, according to Deadline Hollywood at least, the ratings for American Horror Story have been been as high for a season finale episode as they were for when the series started, with a 2.89 rating, as opposed to the original 2.82.

Never give up. ☄

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The season finale of American Horror Story aired on January 13th.

American Horror Story producer and creator Ryan Murphy, according to LA Times, is the center of focus currently for what many believe is a shady track record on race, with him at the helm of a miniseries similar to American Horror Story called American Crime Story, around former sportstar O.J. Simpson.

Variety refers to John Langraf who is the CEO of FX and what he said about both shows.

Even so, another American Horror Story season has been greenlit by the FX Network, which touts the series as its highest rated show in the history of the network. Even Lady Gaga has been asked to return to the show, which is supposed to take a darker and less opulent turn.

American Crime Story could cause a stir of Murphy’s questioned track record on black characters because the second season of the show takes place during the Katrina storm in New Orleans, which at the time of the incident, was rife with racial narratives and reported in the same context.

Whether ratings should matter for the show to count appears to be a debate that can only be settled by what the networks follow, as American Horror Story will do well with the latest win for their highly popular star. A recent report by The Wrap shows that changes are possible, as Fox network chairman and CEO Dana Walden and Gary Newman have apparently dumped live ratings as a way to measure their success.

“Honestly, it just felt hypocritical to focus on Live + Same Day when no decisions at all were being made based on it. Waiting three days to take a look at what the numbers look like is not really that much of a hardship.”

In any case, the audiences for shows like American Horror Story are determined to stick around, no matter what the ratings say.

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