Is U2 heralding in a new concert going experience?

There is no doubt that very few enjoyable experiences can equal the memories we might have of our first concert. Mine was Jethro Tull’s War Child Tour at Maple Leaf Garden back in the early 70s.

For the most part the concert experience has never really changed with the band at one end of a huge arena on a gigantic stage with huge towers of speakers and massive light shows. The stage may be as simple as a single platform with the drum kit on a riser, or it can be a Disneyland type where just about anything can happen. But in the end the people who have come to see the show do so from a unequal distances to the stage.

U2 in its upcoming concert tour is looking to change that experience with a unique setup. Starting in Barcelona on June 30th U2 will unveil its 360° concert experience where the band will play on a stage smack in the middle of the arena.

U2’s long time show director, Willie Williams, worked again with architect Mark Fisher to create the innovative 360° design which will gives fans of the band an unobstructed view of the band as it plays. You can see a virtual tour of the stage at