Buxom Bandit BUSTED: Tonee Walker Turns Herself In Following International Infamy

The so-called “buxom bandit,” internationally known for wearing a low-cut top and showing off her ample assets while robbing a gas station in Australia, has turned herself in after worldwide media interest made it too hard for her to keep hiding.

Authorities arrested 22-year-old Tonee Walker after she turned herself in as the “buxom bandit”, a woman who held up a gas station wearing a cap, a glove, and a low-cut dress that barely contained her bouncing well… you know. The scene was all captured on the gas station’s surveillance cameras, and the video quickly went viral, bringing Walker unexpected international infamy, notes NY Daily.

Walker was famously ridiculed as a terrible bandit for failing to hide her face during the robbery. She also wore only one glove on her right hand – in which she was brandishing a knife – meaning that the fingerprints from her left hand – the hand being used to do everything else – were left all over the petrol station, reports Daily Mail. It is the opinion of this humble writer that had Walker chosen to wear gloves on both hands, she probably still could have gotten away without a mask thanks to her exposed cleavage. If she’d just remembered to cover that left hand, the media might have been singing a different tune and praising her for her cunning. No one was looking at her face, after all.

“She’s aware of all the notoriety she’s received – it wasn’t something she set out to achieve,” said Walker’s lawyer. “It’s been devastating for the family. It just seems out of character.”

Interestingly enough, Walker was actually in court yesterday answering a separate shoplifting charge, and was not identified as the “buxom bandit” at that time, reports the Herald Sun.

Here are some photos of the “buxom bandit”, Tonee Walker, just in case you were wondering what her face looks like:

Tonee Walker, the "buxom bandit"

Tonee Walker, the "buxom bandit"

Here’s the original “buxom bandit” video: