‘Scream Robber’ Arrested: Myloh Jaqory Mason Wore Mask, Shot 2 During Colorado Bank Robbery [Video]

The FBI has announced that they had the so-called “Scream robber” arrested after the Colorado bank robbery suspect was spotted at Motel 6 in Thornton, Colorado. Myloh Jaqory Mason allegedly earned his place on the FBI’s most wanted list by going on a 2015 crime spree where he and several other bank robbers held up two Lakewood banks while wearing Scream masks from the movie.

Unfortunately, their actions were not so comical. The three suspected bank robbers may have worn Halloween costumes for their robbery, but they threatened death to any bank tellers who would not cooperate and open the bank vaults. During the second bank robbery, the felons allegedly brutalized the bank tellers before entering the vault.

As they were escaping from the banks, the men shot two people in a nearby neighborhood while trying to find their getaway cars. One man surrendered his car keys to the bank robbers, but they shot him four times anyway. Before stealing a car, they shot a woman and punched her mother in the face.

“The capture of this dangerous felon means our community is safer, because we believe Mason would have continued committing violent crimes while he was on the run,” FBI Denver Division Special Agent in Charge Thomas Ravenelle said in a statement. “I thank each of the task force members for their hard work and commitment, as they worked day and night to get him behind bars.”


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The FBI had the so-called “scream robber” arrested after SWAT team officers evacuated the Motel 6 and asked Mason to surrender. FBI spokesperson Deborah Sherman says Mason surrendered “with his hands up” and “no shots were fired” by either police or the Colorado bank robber. Sherman did not list any specifics for how they were able to track the “Scream robber” down, but she said, “It was good, old fashioned police work.”

“It’s a great night any time you get a ‘top 10’ guy off the streets,” said the FBI spokesperson, according to the Denver Post. “It’s tough to get those guys.”

According to ABC, the FBI had the “Scream robber” arrested on “charges of attempted first-degree murder, aggravated robbery, attempted second-degree kidnapping, first-degree assault, and second-degree assault.” Myloh Jaqory Mason also faces a federal charge of a convicted felon in possession of a ballistic vest. The other two bank robbers have already been charged by the police, although jail records did not list an attorney for Mason.

[Image via Dimension Films]